I've moved so many times I can hardly recall the number. Each time, I had to start up my business over again. Every time, I learned something important. After years of this itinerant life, I began to grasp a formula for this process. I have been utilizing and revising this template for the last ten years, and have experienced miraculous success...

I remember when I thought I didn't have the skills or qualifications to be an instructor. I felt like a FAKE. Impostor syndrome, MAJOR!

But, I knew I had the experience and professional background.

10 years ago I created a formula for life, career, success.

Using this formula, I have started multiple enterprises; been hired, booked, sold product, and got clients.

Recently, I moved to a new city and decided I wanted to start up an entirely new dance instructor business.


I was at capacity for my first free 1 hour event, and walked away with $130 and a full email list.

I also had students in my new classes and was hired at 2 studios, in ten days.

If you have the drive, you can  'Make Money being Your Greatest Authentic Self!'


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At my first free 1 hour event I made $130.

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I remember in my early 20's, feeling like a wanna-be instructor, even though I had been teaching dance for years and was then going to school to study human development. I experienced a lot of failure and kept trying different methods, because I did not believe in myself. I became obsessed with figuring out how to market my abilities. I have condensed the knowledge I've gained through over decade of successful experiences into this single course just for you. 

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