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3/4" Lime Green Polypro Hoop
  • 3/4" Lime Green Polypro Hoop

    USA's first and Number 1 FLOW SHOP
    HULA HOOP RETAILER from 2014 - 2018

    Worldwide quality distributor since 2012


    Lightweight hula hoops are Safe for You

    Weighted hula hoops are dangerous for You


    Absolute best recommendation for all types of hula hoopers.

    Yes, you too, you happy beginning hooper!

    Limited Edition Lime Green Polypro is sleek, responsive, and light weight. Polypro features allow for maximum engagement of the mind, body, and soul connection. Lightweight hoops are safe and developmentally appropriate, heavy hoops are not good at all. Increase focus, balance, awareness, and optimism by accessing your total hooping self without being hindered by heavier, large hoops that can be dangerous for your surroundings and body. Get a totally body workout and enjoy all the hoop tricks with lightweight polypro.

    36" OD with push button connection is #1 hoopers' choice


    Sanding: Inside of your hoop is sanded for grip

    Grip Line: Inside of your hoop has grip tape

    Push Button: Recommended connection unless you have a profesional preference


    Click for Hula Hoop Sizing Help

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    • Details

      Beginner hula hoopers take your HEIGHT in inches and add 4 - 5 more inches to that number. Divide this number in half.
      This is Your Beginner Hula Hoop Size.

      The belly button rule for hula hoop sizing is not true and not helpful for findng your beginner or true hula hoop size.

      Children: 30" hula hoop
      Teens/Youth: 30" to 32" hula hoop
      Short Adult: 32" hula hoop
      Thin Adult: 34" hula hoop
      Thicker Adult: 36" hula hoop
      Older: 36" to 38" hula hoop


      --Tubing Selection & Recommendations--

      3/4" UV Polypro: Best for polypro beginners, more chill and controlled hooping, and a bit slower flow. Gnar digs the swag; slower sweeping pull-flows offer more controlled manipulations. Dampened response time, stellar for learning new tricks. 37" and under

      5/8" UV Polypro: Light weight, responsive, gnarly all around. Fabulous for quick finger-tricks, doubles, minis, and a feather-light experience. May be considered bouncy at 32-34".
      34" in diameter is your recommended max size to avoid wonk.

      1/2" UV Polypro: Lighting fast, feather light, and ultra thin. No more than 30" OD, or else you may have a crazy noodle hoop

    PriceFrom $32.95
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