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'All You F*ing Need' Business Workbook
  • 'All You F*ing Need' Business Workbook

    This version is best for:


    1) low cost starting point to invest in self and business $$

    2) those prefer to read, write, and be entrely in their own mind without my assistance whatsoever. Course module upgrade is highly recommended and vastly helpful for all types of learners.


    You will miss out on many Stories told and Experiences laid out wide open, but ultimately this 60 page life-changing eBook is all you f*ing need to succeed.


    This All-You-F*ing-Need Business MASTERCLASS Workbook is crucial.

    And free with purchase of the 'Do It With Me' modules upgrade.

    Don't worry, you can use a 25% OFF code to purcahse the modules if you change your mind!


    Listen, you are here for a reason.

    You are here because of the choices you have made.

    THIS, was a great choice. And, here on forward you will know how to make great choices.always.


    I am a 3x time business success...because I 100% follow this F*ing success formula everytime.


    I am not going to tell you, you need this course. YOU KNOW YOU NEED IT.

    And, I am not going to trock you into buying more courses. THIS IS ALL YOU NEED.


    You already have skills like I did ► Make Money being Your Greatest Authentic Self

    This juicy Masterclass of 30 [Days] module courses to success WORKS for you. Just do the "life work" with each module while supported with materials, motivations, real life stories, graphics, and print offs.

    30 modules thoughtfully crafted full immersion into a successful future and lifestyle.

    Check-in Emails from me, Breezi, sent to support your amazing successful journey.

    In as little as 30 days your life is forever changed, and you are just using skills and talent you already have!


    Stop hiding and make big money just being your authentic skilled self!


    This F*ing Masterclass to Success is great for those that desire to create a business and SELL PRODUCT or SELL YOUR SELF (SERVICE).


    Sell products daily online, be a yoga instructor, home exercise coach, freelance financial consultant, entertainer and performer, swim instructor, hoop dance teacher, pilates and stretch instructor, personal trainer, dance coach, water aerobics instructor, massage therapist, flow artist, baby and me class instructor, diet and nutrition coach, and more!


    Entirely Create Your Business AND Get Hired / Booked / Clients / Sell Product in 30 Days!


    Already have a business? But need to get hired or clients? Yeah, you need this course. You clearly missed some major Groundwork (week 1) to get you truly started.


    Become the dream you have always had. You have the skills, now make money using them!




    Listen, I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE CHEERLEADER, you aren't alone on this Success Journey! You receive weekly Check In Emails & Motivation relating to your week's Modules and Life Work.

    At anytime you can BOOK A F*ING SESSION WITH ME > I am exceptional at deconstructing, identifying deficits, and tiered problem solving to make it feel easy.


    I am offering this life changing course for just half the price!


    This Deal Will Not Last!



    Still not ready to Change Your Life?

    Low balling your self because you do not think you are the best?



      $60.00 Regular Price
      $30.00Sale Price
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