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Iso-Fraction Hoops
  • Iso-Fraction Hoops

    Create illusory awesomeness with an iso-fraction hoop

    Iso-fraction hoops are multi-colored hoops with 1/4 of the color contrasting with 3/4 of the rest of your hoop. Offered in various colors and price options, thanks to naturally clear polypro

    Order detail, please specify color choices

    Available Colors:
    UV Dreamsicle
    Grape Seaglass (Sold Out)
    Watercress Seaglass (Sold Out)
    Ice Seaglass
    Peach Seaglass
    UV Melon
    UV Banana (Sold Out)
    UV Orange
    Refreshing Blue
    • Details

      --Tubing Selection & Recommendations--

      3/4" UV Polypro: Best for polypro beginners, more chill and controlled hooping, and a bit slower flow. Gnar digs the swag; slower sweeping pull-flows offer more controlled manipulations. Dampened response time, stellar for learning new tricks. 37" and under
      5/8" UV Polypro: Light weight, responsive, gnarly all around. Fabulous for quick finger-tricks, doubles, minis, and a feather-light experience. SO fun..gotta try it sooner or later, fo sho. 34" and under in diameter is the gnarly recommendation to avoid wonk
    PriceFrom $27.00
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