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Spandex High Waist Panty
  • Spandex High Waist Panty

    Soft Spandex Lightweight High Waisted Panty

    Classic, Sporty, Comfortable, Functional, YOUnique

    Fit: "Barely-there" with a sexy-modest full coverage
    Feel: Super soft, lightweight, and form fitting. Elastic band fits to your waist; various measurements available to size match
    Fashion: Trendy ribbed knit cotton design of retro urban goddess vibe
    Function: Everyday high waisted panty as base layer, period panty, lounging bottom, dance spank, etc


    Add On Panty Liner Here

    Zero Waste & Handmade with Love
    All fabric of handmade apparel is re-used to create headbands, yoga pillows, panty liner pads.

    • Details

      Sizing | Waistband measurement below is before it is stretched

      Stretch is about 3-4" more
      Waistband is 1/2" wide

      For size selection, take your Waist Measurement, then deduct 2 inches and find the Size that correspondns below.

      Waistband 24"
      Hip 28"

      Waistband 26"
      Hip 30"

      Waistband 28"
      Hip 32"

      Waistband 30"
      Hip 34"

      Waistband 32"
      Hip 36"

      No Cotton liner- Allows for your bits to breathe.
      Fabric is very lightweight and soft.
      Purchase Add on Panty Liner Here

      Thank you ♡

    PriceFrom $28.00
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