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B in 2010

It’s hard being told you are wrong.

For some time I thought this decision I made was epically wrong. Because, nothing was going right at first.

Moved to Madison, WI with no money.

No idea who I was.

Zero notion or belief I would be a business owner 2 years later..after my bff died..

You know, I wanted to move to a lively city and have fun while “exploring my options” as a young adult in college.

F*ed up my cleaning Supervisor job transfer, self sabotaged and then some. Basically hated everything for 1.5 months.

I was literally THE supervisor for the OSHA manuals manufacture facility in wisconsin at age 20. I majorly failed to recognize how much it takes for a young human to accomplish this, especially amidst being a full time college student.

Something that I embodied that both helped and hurted me was this: Had this weird procrastinator mindset where if things were crappy enough I would feel compelled to try new things and explore options, though my anxiety urged otherwise.

Little did I know this lack of comfort in life is a true application for growth and change.

We can not achieve greatness in our comfort zones. When things get uncomfortable enough we typically try to fix it to alleviate the discomfort.

It’s like wearing that old pair of sneakers far past comfort. Eventually one of the soles wears out and that walking discomfort grows so great that you eventually change your pair fo shoes, hopefully permanently. In regards to heavy addiction and addictive personalities, this is different though can still be applied, because people that struggle with addiction (I experience this) will continue to choose the uncomfortable thing even if it is truly ruining their life or going to take away their kids, because that short term dopamine kick is more persuasive than other neuro mechanisms.

Okay, so. At the same time of screwing up my job transfer and was hating my move to Madison, I was informed I f*ed up with my academic choice of going to the local 2 year college to get a Human Services associate, and needed to f*ing believe in myself with getting a 4 year degree instead of another 2 yr.Another thing on my list I never thought was possible; because my self belief was naturally to low ball my self. Really, I had this unconscious tendency to pick the asier options in life. I thought staying deep in my comfort zone was how a content life worked. I did not know striving and struggling was a huge part of achieving that maximal content and fulfillment that life offers.

I started online searching jobs. I was not about to scrub one more damn toilet as a NON supervisor with a decreased pay in a city where the standard of living was double where I just moved from. The disomcofrt was mountainous in my life.

I never f*ing believed much in my self beyond talking about what I wanted to do in life. And that’s amazing, because I always wanted to be a motivational speaker. My first two year s of college I was fixated on it. And then I got lost in what it meant to feel good while dealing with life.

So, I only had 1 associate degree of science and I was struggling to feel qualified for any human service position. I had yet to earn the second Associate in Human Services. I only had an Associate in Science for Environmental Issues with emphasis on psychology/sociology.

While job searching as a lost 21 year old in a new city, I found a child development Americorps listing associated with prestigious UW Madison. After a 3 hour application + 2 hour interview I landed my dream position at the most challenging development center.

My brain was lighting up; I was starting to see the world differently.

I felt different, too. Peers to co-teachers were all guiding me towards and through the application process to earn a Bachelor of Science in Human Development (and Family Studies). Quickly, hustled for my second associate degree and was ACCEPTED to transfer to UW to be the big girl once only in my dreams. The development center hired me on halfway through my AmeriCorps contract, and I was soon being vetted by other centers, too. I created an entire program.

I was showing myself and the world where self belief, ambition, and ability can take any human.

The more I became clear on What I wanted from life, the How naturally unraveled.

What I wanted was my Vision.

How I was going to achieve it was my Mission.

The greater clarity I had on my life vision, the easier any kind of decision and action felt. Vision is necessary for success in life. Blurred vision = blurred results.

Fast forward over a decade later, and I have established an immense self belief and growth mindset in myself as to always propel forward and find success in any sh*t storm.


Well, after years of high and low life experiences, whether in business or personal endeavors and in conjunction with never ending research, development, and ongoing education, I create a blueprint for life that undeniably rewires your brain and changes your nervous system for successful outcomes and greater life satisfaction overall. It consists of 5 fundamental components that I will mention in a bit and uses groundbreaking as well as foundational research in: cognitive psychology, behavioral psychology, developmental psychology and neuro plasticity, sociology and interpersonal skills, anxiety and depression coping mechanisms, the nervous and autonomic system, resilience and goal setting, and good old fashioned motivational speaking.

Your life B.Print, quite basically, builds the best version of a human in the body as well as in the mind as to be able to thrive in any situation.

Before I had a strongly developed B.Print, I made mistake after mistake and felt forever on the hamster wheel of consequences. It was too difficult for me to see, in my old mindset, how my mistakes were typically accomplishments and gifts to better improve. I continually shut my self down every time I felt like a failure, felt shame or guilt, or saw my self as lesser than others.

Developing and forever working on the 5 fundamental components to life’s B.Print guarantees successful outcomes in career, fincances, relationships, health, and overall life satisfaction. Those 5 pivotal components are: Vision, Growth Mindset, Self Belief, Goals, and Grit.

My main struggles in life have been with self belief and growth mindset. I can get very fixed in believing I am a big pile of poo. And then depression gets cozy and super settles in for the long haul. AND THEN I have to begin the hard work of self repair, rather than continuous forward motion when I do believe in myself, because depression is a doozy to overcome and instills the sludgiest mindset thats tricky to clean up. It can definitely feel easier to give up in the short term, but the reality is that giving up just creates further problems that then need to be addressed throughout the long term.

Nowadays I work diligently to maintain a growth mindset with a solid self belief as to steer clear of another party with depression.

Using the B.Print model for life, I can know for certain I am on the right path.

Shoot, a lot fo gurus say just VISION alone is enough to thrive in life.

Psychology argues theres abit more to it, and I’ve spent the last decade developing a mighty useful roadmap for life - a life blueprint for how to perceive, function, make decisions, and feel about all the intricacies of life along the road to success & satisfaction.

Maybe you're not ready yet to solidify your B.Print.

Maybe you are in a deep transitional phase.

A great first step is seeing your life how you want it.

A great first step to be happier, healthier, and honestly haing more money is by having a VISION for your life.

Blurred Vision = Blurred Results and Blurred Feelings about it all.

Are you ready to see it and believe, beeb?

The greater clarity I had on my life vision, the easier any kind of decision and action felt.

When you’re ready feel free to download the free workbook + interactive modules to get your most best and authentic life started.

It's a lifestyle. Join the movement.

All the best today beebs!


- Breezi


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