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We Vote Everyday Online

F* what we are told! ✊

Everything is trying to persuade us nowadays. Everyone wants our money.

Thank gawd we do indeed have some control.

YEAH I KNOW it sounds f*ing daunting....the fact that We the People can actually make a change in this deeply complex world.

It's really not though.

And, You don't have to "change "

You just, like anything better or great, best direct your behaviors and actions.

If the guys making all the money that make the world go round need us [to continue to buy], then that means we can control what they do and what is available. 🤯

In this case: how you spend your money and interact with Influencing accounts on social media.

AKA how you Vote in this modern technology advancing world. 🗳️📲

So, F what you are told.

Tell them what you need.


By clicking on what's best ✊

and saying F U to the rest 💩

This is how we can change the system.

This is how we change the world.

One f*ing click at a time. .....basically.

All the best today beebs!


- Breezi


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