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just B breezi handmade womens clothing made in america apparel

B-ing authentically you brings greatness.

Authenticity breeds a younique and prosperous reality that is all yours. Just B your truth, and become.

Handmade activewear is thoughtfully designed to move with you and consciously created one at a time with zero waste ➦ I was fed up with low quality, fast manufactured clothing that did not fit correctly. 

Dance hula hoops elevate your life through your mind, body and soul whether you want to be a hoop dancer or just get totally healthy and fit. Hoop dancing has shaped and elevated my mind, body, & soul and those benefits need to be shared.

Breezi offers your mind and body comfortable and authentic approaches to everyday life.

I hope you enjoy this thoughtful selection of functional fashion and non-toxic dance hoops.

All the best and cheers! ❤ Miss B

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Be conscious in everything you do. Authentic awareness.

Be alive. This is your time.

Consciously creating handmade eco friendly women's clothing.


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