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Zero Waste & Sustainable, everyday.


In-house practices and production* are 100% zero waste* and soon to be on-site solar powered. 


Below describes how we use excess of these materials, beyond typical everyday use.



Packaging Material

from received fabric & supplies

Baggies are reused for DIY Hoop Kits, small tape rolls, and protecting samples.

Tool packaging is easily recycled.

Foam & anti-slip paper is re-used for shipment packaging.

Boxes are re-used and/or recycled.

Miscellaneous materials appropriately recycled if can not be re-used.



Fabric Scraps

Designs are thoughtfully crafted to offer minimal to zero scrap pieces. All tiny scrap bits are placed into one of a kind Yoga Pillows for an enjoyable re-use. Larger scrap pieces are created into Hand warmers, Headbands, Panties & Infinity Scarves.  Additionally, fabric scraps are available free to public upon request.


Hoop Plastic

Used for Hoop Extenders, offering an easy way to coil down any size hoop. Free with all necessary hoop orders, and used often for hoop shipment. Also available for purchase.

Recycled bits go into plastic recycling bin.

Cut down and used for Hoop Connectors.

Offered to public for free on seasonal basis.



Miscellaneous Material

Sticky tape is simply re-used.

Small strips of Rainbow/Morph Tape are cut into confetti, placed as colorful awesome free sample pieces in each package. (enjoy as deco!)




Blend of Essential Oils and water is used for general cleaning purposes. 

Floor remnants are composted.



Green Energy

Previously powered by renewable energy credits received through Arcadia Power.

Soon to be powered by on-site Florida solar power. ooooooooo la la!



*Waste refers to materials that cannot be re-used and recycled- unusable byproducts that are landfill disposed. Waste can not be properly composted.

*Production refers to the actions taken as to create a customers order. Does not include shipping and receiving. Though Breezi's overall practices are generally zero waste, because other-party packaging materials can not be controlled, sometimes their materials have to be landfill disposed.

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