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  • Order Confirmation / Tracking
    Order Confirmation / Shipment Notification / Tracking are via your PayPal receipt ​ Paypal is your Order Confirmation. Paypal systems will send an email upon shipment. Be sure your PayPal information is udpated; this exact information is used to ship your package and contact you. Please check your PayPal information for accuracy. If paid via credit card with no account, you may not be able to login to view full information. Regardless, your package is shipped with Tracking via secured PayPal system.
  • Unknown Package Location
    Uh oh, I think my package got lost in the mail!? ​ No worries! Contact USPS asap, and use your Tracking ID # Responsible for your goodies, up until they leave the door ⬅︎ Please understand this policy is in place because no one but USPS can be responsible for what happens to a package in transit. It is with heavy wishes to have more control over USPS's operations. If this makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to purchase any and all ADD ONs, such as Priority and Insurance. You are heavily advised to explore your Shipment Options. My package was lost / stolen / kicked back ​ USPS is responsible for your package in conjunction with the shipment options you chose. You are responsible for having updated information, such as your Address and Email. How your package was shipped is your responsibility; you are offered various options to meet your needs and desires beyond the automatic First Class USPS service. Very affordable options exist as so you can better assure a safe arrival. These options are greatly ideal if you live in an apartment complex or shared home. Kicked back packages are due to incorrect Address information. You will be sent the affordable Re-Shipment Link, instead of B just keeping your package, like other companies. Most of the Re-Shipment cost is covered on this end, with the $4ish on you. This Re-Shipment will also allow you to Track your updated package.
  • Size Guide
    Standard Measurements for Size ​ Use Measurements posted per Listing Item for exact item measurements* XS Wasitband 28" Breast: 27-28" Inseam: 28" SM Waistband 30" Breast: 29-30" Inseam: 30" M Waistband 32" Breast: 31-32" Inseam: 32" L Waistband 34" Breast: 33-34" Inseam: 34" XL Waistband 36" Breast: 35-36" Inseam: 36" The WAISTBAND is where the band will sit on your body, where most bands sit, between belly button and widest part of hip. Think of this as your upper hip. FULL SIZE GUIDE HERE Most clothing companies are manufactured over seas. Notably, these companies utilize a "manufactured" size chart of sorts to cater the smaller asian market that serves to create most american clothes. This is why "sizes have changed over the years in america."
  • Return Policy
    Due to the handmade nature of general apparel, full returns are not welcome. Exchanges are only applicable if error is in part of the creator during creation. Returns are never applicable if error is due to purchaser. Exchanges: If error is due to creator, an exchange is welcome 7 days or less, prior to receiving your item. Over 7 days voids your exchange. Exchange is implemented via re-shipment notification. Restocking Fee: 35% Shipping refund: $3 First Class USPS or prepaid PayPal slip FULL POLICIES HERE
  • Refund Policy
    35% restock fee for approved returns. No Refunds - All Sales Final.
  • Hula Hoop Connection Types
    What are the different connection types, and what are their differences? ​ From Left to Right: Friction Fit, One Rivet, and Push Buttons on 3/4" and 5/8"​ Friction Fit- A connector 1/8" smaller fits snuggly into your hoop due to friction. This connection is most aesthetically appealing, as it gives your hoop a smooth, uneffected appearance. Recommended for those experienced with hoops, and in personal prefernce of this connection. Beginners, please note that this connection maye pop open during leg hooping and such; taping the connection is helpful. Sanding the connector always creates greater friction. One Rivet- Friction fit is used on one side of the connection and a permanent, almost non-existent, metal fixture is put into place, holding the connector on the other side. A fairly desired connection by all sorts of hoopers, but leg hooping may cause the hoop to separate. Sanding the connector always creates greater friction. Push Button- Most preferred. A push button is placed on the opposing side of the rivet, creating a feature that can be pushed down, releasing the hoop from a sturdy connection, and allowing for separation. *All connections allow for collapsing.
  • Uncoiling your Collapsed Hula Hoop
    I just received a Gnar Hoop! Wait, how do I uncoil it/ make it a full size hoop, safely? ​ Please, do not ever try to bend or push it open into a figure-8 shape or any other configuration. Your hoop is magic because it has a connector! Find the connection point, grab both ends of the hoop by the connecion, and slowly pull apart, not letting it pop open and freely. Maintain holding it and slowly uncoil to a full size hoop. Reconnect and enjoy! HELPFUL VIDEOS What is up with collapsible hoops? And why can 3/4" be fussy? ​ 3/4" is 1/8" thicker than the more versatile 5/8" polypro. This is quite the difference for a hoop. 3/4" hoops collapse best when 34" and larger in OD diameter. 5/8" hoops have been found to be collapsible all the way down to 24" in diameter. To avoid wonk, 5/8" hoops should be 34" and under in outer diameter. COLD temperature can cause your hoop to snap, and WARM weather can slaways re-shape plastic of desired. Best Connection for Collapsing and Coiling Down Hula Hoops? ​ Push Button connection is absolutely recommended for all hula hoops. It is solid, and versatile. Push Button allows you to collapse your hoop for travel and storage. Your hoop totally collapsing is contingent to your Tubing type + Hoop Diameter. 3/4" tubing will collapse best at 34" & greater and 5/8" tubing at 34" & under. Connection info HERE
  • Wonky Mis-shaped Hoop
    My hoop is not a perfect circle/seems wonky/ wobbly ​ Super duper natural for polypro, promises! Also, your hoop just came out from a tight coil in a package, which rested in that shape for at least 2 days and up to 7 days (international packages can take 3 weeks!) HELPFUL VIDEOS To re-shape your hula hoop: 1) Rest hoop under weightes objects, such as books. 2) Put in warmth, by heater or outside in sun OR play with hoop in warm weather. 3) You may use a blow dryer, but must be extremely careful not to overheat, which straightens out plastic. 4) "Walk out your Hoop" as shown in video.
  • Best Hula Hoop Tubing - Polypro
    Why polypro? And why begin hooping with Polypro? ​ Lighter hoops truly and fully engage the body. Developmentally for all ages, lighter hoops such as polypro offer the greatest benefits emotionally, physically, regulatory, academically, and socially. Such engagement expands and connects the mind to the body, increasing neurological ties and strengthening awareness internally and externally. Self esteem, balance, strength, spatial awareness, self-regulation are just a few facets of the self that sensationally benefit from an all-encompassing activity such as hula hooping. Heavier hoops do most of the work for you, not asking of your body to engage much at all. Additionally, heavier hoops bruise the body often and easily, and grandly restrict movement and self-expression through hoop manipulations.

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