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Helpful Hula Hoop Videos and Tutorials

Please contact Breezi for further assistance, video suggestions, and if something just does not seem right

How to


Hula Hoop

Everything you need to know to get started hula hooping around your waist and important hula hoop sizing info

Coil & Collapsing Hoops

Hoop Help 101 ~ Uncoiling & Collapsing Hula Hoops

Fast & Easy Hoop Making Tutorial

Easy How to Make a Gap Free Polypro Hula Hoop


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Breezi is responsible for creating the correct item(s) you desire per your Order Information.


Buyers are responsible for selecting appropriate Shipping Options, Sizes, Fabric options, Tape, and further Custom order specifications. You are responsible for supplying accurate information, both within your Order and of your Shipping Address.

Polypro & Hoop Info

Hoop Help 101 ~ All About Polypro

To be updated soon; Created when Gnar opened!

Wonk Be Gone!

Hoop Help 101 ~ Fixing Wonk/Wobble/Crookedness

Its natural, and plastic can ALWAYS be reshaped!


Best practice for reshaping a hoop:

Lay your hoop, connected as full size, in a warm environment. The plastic needs to soak in warmth. High heat will damage your hoops, do not use a blow dryer. Lay your hoop in the desired shape, with gentle weights placed on top, such as books. Let sit for at least 24 hours.

Shipping In a Box or Full Size can avoid shaping during shipment.

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