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1/2" DIY Hoop Set
  • 1/2" DIY Hoop Set

    Get gnarly with your inner hoop smith!

    Enjoy a vast selection of Build Your Own Hoop packages, and add amazing tape rolls to any order!

    Polypro's sleek, responsive, and lightweight features allows for maximum engagement of the mind, body, and connected soul. Increase focus, balance, awareness, and optimism by accessing your total hooping side without being hindered by heavier, large hoops. Polypro tubing is UV Reactive and will glow blue under true blacklight. 1/2" Polypro is thinner than 5/8", offering faster responsiveness and a very think, featherlight feel.

    30" OD is Gnar's #1 hoopers' choice for 1/2" Polypro
    30' of Tape is recommended roll size

    ➪ Add tape to any hoop you desire by purchasing tape rolls separately
    ➪ Hoop Help for Sizing, Connection Info, Etc!
    • Details

      ⫸Hoop Help ~ Your go-to for answers⫷

      All gnarly packages include:

      UV Polypro tubing of choice and length
      Sand Paper
      UV Polypro Connector piece + 1 extra
      2 Rivets
      *Push Button not available for 1/2"
    PriceFrom $17.00
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