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5/8" DIY Mini Set
  • 5/8" DIY Mini Set

    Get gnarly with your inner hoop smith!

    Enjoy a vast selection of Build Your Own Hoop packages, and add amazing tape rolls to any order!

    20" OD of 5/8" Polypro is Gnar's #1 Double Mini Hoopers' choice
    50' of Tape is recommended roll size for minis

    ➪ Add tape to any hoop you desire by purchasing tape rolls separately
    ➪ Hoop Help for Sizing, Connection Info, Etc!
    • Details

      ⫸Hoop Help ~ Your go-to for answers⫷

      All gnarly DIY Mini Hoop Kits include:

      UV Polypro tubing of choice and length x2
      2 Push Buttons of appropriate size
      Sand Paper
      4 Rivets
      UV Polypro Connector pieces + 2 extra
    PriceFrom $18.00
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