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Adult Hula Hooping | Wednesdays
  • Adult Hula Hooping | Wednesdays

    Hula Hooping Dance & Fitness for all types of adults.

    Perfect for lunchtime fitness, pre and post natal, gaining greater dance skills, learning fun & cool tricks, and receiving an all-body workout while meeting new people.


    Hula hoop dance is an incredible movement practice to elevate your coordination, strengthen your spine and core, increase overall mind & body health, enjoy social emotional growth, receive both cardiovascular and muscular benefits. Detoxify stored secondary metabolites from spinal fluid - when we articulate the spine we squeeze toxins out of the cartilage and excrete from our bodies. Additionally, exercising the tiny muscles called multifidi offer our bodies fine motor spinal movements that help mobility and reduce back pain. Hula hooping also assists with recovery because light movement does not drain nervous system.

    Lightweight dance & fitness hula hoops provided in all sizes.

    Weighted hoops are not recommended and are not developmentally appropriate* 


    Hula hooping at the park looks like this:

    Pay only $5 for an entire class that typically costs $20, woohoo!

    - Payment is made in person via cash or through this web listing.

    First 15 minutes we stretch, warmup, and focus on hooping fundamentals such as waist hooping both directions, hand passes, weaves, isolations, and leg hooping. It allows people to show up without rushing. Being "late" is totally okay!

    30 minutes are then dedicated to learning at least one 8 count of hula hoop dance sequencing of tricks (choreography). This is key for all types of hoopers, as transitioning form one trick to the next allows us to Flow through Hoop Tricks which results in a Hoop Dance.

    Final 15 minutes are for cooling down, cleaning up new tricks, asking questions.


    Feel free to schedule private sessions or specific group lessons*

    • Hoop Class Details

      Ages 17+

      Sorry, no "observers" allowed. You must register and participate to attend.

      * Registration is nonrefundable

    PriceFrom $5.00
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