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Beginner Helix Polypro Hoop
  • Beginner Helix Polypro Hoop

    Beginner Helix Grip Taped 3/4" UV Polypro Hoop

    Your Beginner Helix Polypro Hoop Features:
    2 Grip Colors Helixed [Order Inner-Line via Add Ons]
    Push Button Connection for collapsing
    UV Polypro Connector for best nontoxic connection
    UV Polypro Glows Blue under Blacklight
    36" Outer Diameter Size

    "Hoop Help" is perfect for all your hoopy info needs

    ✿Add tape to any hoop you desire by purchasing tape separately
    FREE Shipping, always.
    • Details

      --Tubing Selection & Recommendations--

      3/4" HDPE: Loved by beginners, and even craved by professionals. A bit more of a 'spring' to HDPEs responsiveness than Polypro, HDPE also offers a bit more weight for added control and decreased speed of tricks. Creamy, and semi-translucent white, naturally
      7/8 HDPE: A beginners hybrid! Gnar's definite recommendation when you just are not sure, but are sure you prefer a bit of weight and thickness to your tubing and flow
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