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Blue Sherpa French Terry | You Pick
  • Blue Sherpa French Terry | You Pick

    Limited Edition Dusk Blue French Terry lined with Luscious Soft Brushed Fleece

    Leg Warmer Features:
    Natural Stretch

    French Terry is very lightweight & ultra soft
    Fleece is Moisture-Wicking
    30" Thigh High Length
    Breathable and Stretchy

    Size Guide

    Great for:
    Walking campus
    Strutting to catch a drink
    Warm activewear addition
    Outfit upgrade & YOUnique style
    Outdoor adventures

    Handcrafted in USA by Miss B
    Legwarmer pattern is designed to create no waste when made in pairs. Any scrap possibly created is reused to create yoga pillows.

    • Details

      -- Headband / Dreadband Sizing --

      About 18" around (not including stretch)
      About 6" long for headband

      About 12" long for dreadband


      -- Leg Warmer Sizing --

      Natural fit; no elastic

      Deduct 4-5 inches from Your Thigh Measurement then find your size.

      Will stay up if worn over non-slippery leggings of most materials

      Want to stay up on bare legs? Deduct at least 5 inches for super tight fit.


      Full Size Guide Here

      Foot: 8"
      Thigh: 12"
      Length: 30"

      Foot: 9"
      Thigh: 13"
      Length: 30"

      Foot: 10"
      Thigh: 14"
      Length: 30"

      Foot: 11"
      Thigh: 15"
      Length: 30"

      Foot: 12"
      Thigh: 16"
      Length: 30"

      Foot: 13"
      Thigh: 17"
      Length: 30"

    PriceFrom $14.00
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