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Wholesale Spandex High Waist Panty
  • Wholesale Spandex High Waist Panty

    Soft Spandex Lightweight High Waisted Panty

    Classic, Sporty, Comfortable, Functional, YOUnique

    Fit: "Barely-there" with a sexy-modest full coverage
    Feel: Super soft, lightweight, and form fitting. Elastic band fits to your waist; various measurements available to size match
    Fashion: Trendy ribbed knit cotton design of retro urban goddess vibe
    Function: Everyday high waisted panty as base layer, period panty, lounging bottom, dance spank, etc


    Add On Panty Liner Here

    Zero Waste production & Green Powered
    All fabric of handmade apparel is re-used to create headbands, yoga pillows, panty liner pads.

    • Details

      Sizing | Waistband measurement below is not stretched

      Stretch is about 3-4" more
      Waistband is 1/2" wide

      Waistband 24"
      Hip 28"

      Waistband 25"
      Hip 30"

      Waistband 26"
      Hip 32"

      Waistband 27"
      Hip 34"

      Waistband 28"
      Hip 36"

      No Cotton liner- Allows for your bits to breathe.
      Fabric is very lightweight and soft.
      Purchase Add on Panty Liner Here

      Thank you ♡

    PriceFrom $26.00
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