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Daily Food Tracker Journal
  • Daily Food Tracker Journal

    Comprehensive, organized, engaging, and simple to use daily food log tracker journal perfect for mindful eating and staying hydrated.

    Record with ease in this clear-cut food journal.

    No confusing charts, no crazy color coding (unless you want to), and no shame in eating exactly what you want. Mindful eating starts with expanding self awareness and this simple to use food journal offers profound tracking tools through fun and easy ways to input your information. You will be asked "how you feel" after every meal, with the opportunity to write and/or indicate on icons. Daily water intake per 8 oz is included in your daily food log. Your mindfulness and awareness will expand to how you eat on The Weeknd vs the week days, and if you are working that day or not. The little variations in your daily life may be creating massive changes in what you choose to eat that day.


    3 Months of Life-Changing Tracking!


    Daily Food Tracker Journal: Daily Food Log, Health Tracker, Food Diary, Food Elimination, Mindful Eating, Hydration Tracking, Food Sensitivity


    Pages: 92

    Soft Cover: 8.5 x 0.21 x 11 inches

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