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Hair Scrunchies
  • Hair Scrunchies

    All profits go towards funding dance hoops for public hoop dance classes in St Pete, FL ❤


    Soft, functional, fashionable, massive, and kind to your hair.


    Available Fabrics this month:

    ► Blue Mstard Aztec

    ► Sherpa

    ► Black and White Plaid

    Fit: Wrap twice for function or wrap once & wear over a hair tie for more fashion & most scrunch.
    Feel: Lightweight, stretchy, & chunky. Super soft.
    Fashion: Scruchies are a forever fashion. xoxo.
    Function: Hold your hair in many super cute ways. Oil your hair and tie your hair up at night for long lasting conditioning, best go-to for a quick updo that doesn't tug on your hair, a great fashion statement on your wrist or upper arm.
    Fabric: Varies based on leftover fabric availability. All srunchies help Breezi maintain zero waste production by using up smaller fabric stripes.

    Created consciously one at a time in USA by Miss B
    Zero Waste in-House Handmade Production 

    • Scrunchies Sizing


      Scrunchie fabric is about 3 inches wide/thick.

      Around, your scunchie stretches to about 12 inches.

      Elastic band is 8 inches before being stretched.

    PriceFrom $18.00
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