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Journal to Happiness
  • Journal to Happiness

    Journal to Happiness is part of a groundbreaking journaling series made just for you.


    The power behind journaling is undeniable. Unlock and harness your inner power through brilliant prompts derived from neuropsychology. Page after page, you will become an elevated and stronger version of your Self. Journaling asks you to get real with your Self and that is exactly what we accomplish here in this no-nonsense approach to better feelings, better days, better relationships, better mental health, and an overall better life. Life is not about perfection, it is about choices. Transcend symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, codependency, useless habits, and toxic relationships through doing the life work in this journal.

    What sets this mighty journal and workbook apart from all others:

    • Nervous System Healing — Past experiences determine your feelings, mindset, and overall outcome in present day. Trauma, abuse, bad relationships, scary experiences become a part of you and can turn into mental health issues. What you choose to do comes from your nervous system. This powerful journal transcends what no longer serves you in deeply profound ways via human friendly neuroscience life tools and concepts.
    • Life-Enhancing Quotes & Prompts — Meet your Self where you are and come to know all that you deserve. It is your human right to live life within your needs.
    • Empowering Facts — Through the power of you, you will realize how to consistently make self-supporting choices for the short and longterm of your expanding life.


    Journal to Happiness: A Powerful Journaling Experience to Better Mental Health


    Pages: 206

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