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Journal to Healthy Relationships
  • Journal to Healthy Relationships

    Journal to Healthy Relationships is the third book of a part of a groundbreaking journaling series made just for you.


    This book is your mini therapist self-healing sidekick to healthy relationships. Truth is, life is not about merely thinking what’s better for you. Thoughts are the first step to compelling an action. Thoughts do not create change, they commence it. The shocking truth is that humans are built and wired to operate based on past experiences, which embed a feeling and thought inside of you. Not all of these thoughts and feelings are helpful, and it could be possible that most are harming the quality of your life. Conscious thought, powerful life tools, and meaningful action outweigh what your past tries to direct you to think, feel, accept, and do.


    Life is about experiencing and addressing what’s better, and then going towards those better things. Within action there is effort, not just thought. Many of us are living a life that works against us because effort is a major turn off to the mind and body. Journaling takes effort and it is extremely potent.


    Throughout this journal, you will be transformed to lean into what is self-supporting and to walk away from all that is not.


    There is serious power within journaling. There is serious power within you. When you journal, you have the ability to rewire your nervous system and truly re-write your narrative. This journal allows you to take back control and maintain control. Whether you want to clean up your life just a bit, exit toxic relationships, figure out if you are attracting narcissists or sociopaths, amplify relationship health with your Self and others, or get more clarity on what is and is not meant for you - this journal will serve you.


    Putting your thoughts, feelings, and experiences on paper allows so much more to unfold than what happens when a human keeps everything in their mind. You need to release the weight and put it on paper (or talk, record, voice dictate, etc).


    Journaling is about meeting your Self where you are and getting to know your Self on a conscious, subconscious, and unconscious level. This is mighty deep stuff. You will realize, learn, and embody the truths behind why you do what you do and will strive for self-supporting choices that amplify your life. 


    Experience a journal like no others. The third of a groundbreaking series, Journal to Healthy Relationships deep dives into all things you. You get to know your Self from the inside-out. Throughout your journaling journey you get to know what has shaped you and why you have made the consistent choices you have. You will learn how to heal your nervous system, transcend outdated thought and behavior patterns, learn and embody self-supporting choices (good choices), control your emotions rather than they control you and your decision making, create rock solid boundaries, amplify your standards, recognize red flags, remove toxic relationships, and say goodbye to useless people, places, and things.


    This journal will enhance your life page after page.


    If you commit to your Self and commit to this journal, then you will never feel the same again after committing to the first page.


    Healthier relationships are ahead.


    Pages: 206

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