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Spandex Panties
  • Spandex Panties

    Panties for Beach to Yoga to Pole to Lounging to Everyday Yummy

    Your Spandex Panties offer your rump what it needs for comfy, cozy goodness! Keep your lady bits happy no matter what type of bottoms you are sporting, full coverage for active movement, and all around stretchy comfortable day to night. Featuring a barely-there elastic waistband to maintain perfect contour fit.

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    Fabric print-design will be different for each pair*

    Zero Waiste & Handmade with Love

    • Details

      -- Sizing | Waistband measurement is Unstretched --

      Waistband 28"

      Waistband 30"

      Waistband 32"

      Waistband 34"

      Waistband 36"

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    PriceFrom $21.00
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