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Specialty Size | Elastic Fleece Leg Warmers
  • Specialty Size | Elastic Fleece Leg Warmers

    Specialty Sized Elastic No Slip Fleece Leg Warmers


    To Order:

    Select what size you usually are, focusing on your lower leg in the size chart.

    Select favorite fabric.

    Input your Thigh Measurement as well as Calf and Ankle.

    These measurements are around your body part, not flat across.



    Standard Size Chart is what Men are familair with in America.

    It never changes, but yes, you will seem "larger" than usual.

    Get down in all your creative movement glory whilst enjoying the wintery outdoors or chilly indoor facility. Walk that entire campus without shivering legs. Be you, the unique you.

    Bunch'em or enjoy them lusciously long

    Regular Elastic stretches 2-3 inches
    Fleece is Moisture-Wicking
    30" Thigh High Length
    Thicker upper coverstitch with elastic
    Breathable & Lightweight


    Size Guide

    Great for:
    Walking campus
    Strutting to catch a drink
    Warm activewear addition
    Outfit upgrade & YOUnique style
    Outdoor adventures


    Leg Warmers are handamde one at a time

    Consciously Created Cclothing made in USA

    Sustainable Handmade Production is Zero Waste

    • Details

      -- Leg Warmer Sizing --


      Deduct 2 inches from Your Thigh Measurement then find your size.


      Full Size Guide Here


      Foot: 8"
      Best for Thigh of 15" - 16"

      Measures 13" around
      Length: 30"

      Foot: 9"

      Best for Thigh of 17" - 18"
      Measures 14" around
      Length: 30"

      Foot: 10"

      Best for Thigh of 19" - 20"
      Measures 15" around
      Length: 30"

      Foot: 11"

      Best for Thigh of 21 - 22"
      Measures 16" around
      Length: 30"

      Foot: 12"

      Best for Thigh of 23" - 24"
      Measures 17" around
      Length: 30"

      Foot: 13"

      Best for Thigh of 25" - 26"
      Measures 18" around
      Length: 30"

    PriceFrom $38.00
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