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UV Orange Gaffer Grip
  • UV Orange Gaffer Grip

    Pro-Gaff Grip Tape is a high strength vinyl impregnated cloth tape with a matte finish, available in various colors for your enjoyment and style. Pro-Gaff offers a high performance adhesive system, highly conformable to irregular surfaces. Pro-Gaff is waterproof, abrasion resistant, and has a smooth, controlled unwind. This tape can be hand tearable.

    Gaffer is fabulous for adding grip and friction to your hoop while in play; you won't watch your hoop fly much ;)
    • Details

      Removed cleanly as it is made of a synthetic petroleum-based adhesive

      *Custom Designs = Custom Tape Wrap on Purchased Hoop
      *Tape Rolls = Individual Tape Rolls of Indicated type & color
    PriceFrom $4.00
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