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Wholesale Grip Leg Warmers
  • Wholesale Grip Leg Warmers

    Wholesale Grip Elastic-topped Leg Warmers


    Order as low as 8 pairs per color

    Each bulk bundle contains: 1 XS, 2 SM, 2 MED, 2 LRG, 1 XL

    Get down in all your creative movement glory whilst enjoying the wintery outdoors or chilly indoor facility. Walk that entire campus without shivering legs. Be you, the unique you.

    Rib Knit Fabric is very lightweight & breathable

    Fit: Grippy 1" wide No Slip Elastic
    Extremely soft to touch
    Ribbed pattern will run vertical

    Zero Waste Handmade Active Clothing


    **Your Order will be Cancelled without Contact if Use of Coupon Code**


    FREE SHIPPING, when ordered via this Listing

    Wholesale Orders via Email will have calculated shipping

    Suggested Retail Value: $40 per pair, $45 to $50 for higher end boutiques


    Indiviudal item listings are discounted for Breezi Shoppers.

    Breezi Etsy Shop prices are $5 to $10 higher per item.

    Use $40 as your minimum retail value per pair.

    • Sizing

      --- Size Selection Help ---

      You want the ELASTIC to fit on your upper leg, where You desire
      For Tight Fit: Elastic measurement 2 inches smaller than leg area measurement
      For Comfy Fit: Elastic measurement 1 inch smaller than leg area measurement

      Elastic: 14"
      Foot: 8"
      Length: ~30"

      Elastic: 15"
      Foot: 9"
      Length: ~30"

      Elastic 16"
      Foot: 10"
      Length: ~30"

      Elastic 17"
      Foot: 11"
      Length: ~30"

      Elastic 18"
      Foot 12"
      Length ~30"

      Elastic 19"
      Foot 13"
      Length ~30"

      -- The Fit [PLEASE READ] --

      Recommended wear: Over a material, such as leggings.
      Wearing on bare legs: You need a super duper tight fit. Refer to Size Guide link. Best for yoga, low flow pole, dance, with intimates, lounge.

      Rib Knit: Thin, soft, stretchy. Great for all 4 seasons. Fabulous for layering and YOUnique style.
      Fleece: Wears just as any fabric; not very thick. Stretchy and mid weight. Holds to leggings tremendously all day long.

      Size Guide:

    PriceFrom $272.00
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