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You Pick | Dragon Minis
  • You Pick | Dragon Minis

    Dragon Tape Polypro Minis (2 Mini Hoops)

    Minis may convert if size is right; read below
    Minis will have a 1 Rivet Connection
    Mini Tubing will be 5/8" UV Polypro
    Minis are 24" OD and under

    You select Size -> Hoop Help for Assistance
    You select Dragon Tape -> View All in "Tape"

    Available Sizes as so your Hoop Converts to Full Size:
    5/8" Polypro: Full Hoop 26 - 34" OD - Minis 13" - 17"

    ⫸Other Sizes Will Not Work⫷
    • Details

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      5/8" UV Polypro: Light weight, responsive, gnarly all around. Fabulous for quick finger-tricks, doubles, minis, and a feather-light experience. Coils easier than 3/4" tubing and offers greater versatility with sizing and coiling. Great for travel and biking around.
    PriceFrom $38.00
    Rainbow Dragon Tape
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