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30 Min Success Session

Total life success by leveraging dopamine; upgrade yourself, life, biz

  • 30 min
  • 199 US dollars
  • St. Petersburg

Service Description

I could not F*ing avoid becoming a coach. It is a deeply embedded and exceptional ability of mine to assist humans with ultimate success in all realms of life, from business to personal affairs. Did you know? Dopamine runs the entire show. If a coach or psychologist is not aware of fundamental neurological circuits and how, what, why, and when they "control" Their research and studies are shallow and/or copy & pasted. You need to understand dopamine to fully understand your self and to best move forward with any and all things in life, business, relationships, health choices, and beyond. "Dopamine is all." Deconstructionism, Psychology (development, cognitive, social, behavioral), 10 years Real Life Business Success & Experience, Motivational Speaking, Human Development, and the deep understanding and implementation of Long Term Decision Making using a Growth Mindset & Leveraging Dopamine are my professional foundations to getting you the F to life success. Pinpointing any and all deficits in your life, and finding the most streamlined 'painless' as well as [dopamine] rewarding approach to authentic greatness is the name of this success game my friend! Your time is now - you are here for a reason and you know this next step is what you need to do to honor your Vision / Goal(s) and create a life long B.Print to lifestyle success. I will not let you down - do not let your self down! It starts with you beeb. Currently offering F*ing Life-Changing Sessions at a limited time discounted rate: $350 discounted the F* down from $600 4 Sessions [upgrade your life in 1 month!] for just $1200 5 Sessions [total life blueprint overhaul] for just $1650

Cancellation Policy

Please contact to reschedule - reschedule window is 4 business days prior to session. Your new desired reschedule date can not be promised available. Cancellations not permitted and not refunded. No refunds for cancellations. All deposits are nonrefundable - deposits are not refunded. No-shows without prior communication to confirm absence will not be refunded at all and that will count as a full session.

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