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Weekly Hula Hoop Dance Classes in St Petersburg, FL

Why Learn to Hula Hoop?

Hula hooping is a fun and easy way to enjoy a full body workout, in-home, outdoors, at a studio, at your favorite park. You should learn to hula hoop because it is a very beneficial activity for your mind and body. For your mind, hula hooping can strengthen your social emotional regulation, assist with stress reduction, and offers the ability to increase the bond between the left and right side of your brain. For your body, hula hooping is one of the best total body workouts. You can exercise your entire body while hula hooping, exploring both cardio and strength building. On body hooping can strengthen your chest, legs, spine, neck, core, arms, and all other body part you use to hula hoop. Off your body, you can really workout and fine tune your arms the most.

Why Pay for Hula Hoop Dance and Fitness?

Your hula hooping lessons are totally created to cater to your specific movement needs as to offer the greatest development success each time we meet. Hula hoop dance and fitness curriculum is entirely customized to meet your expectations as well as enhance your prop manipulation and dance development. You are paying for a unique, original, and custom experience tailored just for your body's needs (and your group members, too).

Hula hoop dance fitness offers a wide range of movement experiences varying from amazing hoop dancing choreography to hoop dancing fitness. Hoop dance choreography creates sequences of hoop tricks, which is fabulous for increasing your ability to freestyle hoop dance flow. No matter the hoop journey you desire, you will always be receiving the full benefits for your mind and body. For example, if you desire for your lessons to be centered around hoop dance basics, you do not have to worry that you aren't receiving a full body workout from fundamental hula hooping basics. Hula hooping is inherently healthy for the entire body highlighting mental health, muscle toning, and cardiovascular exercise.

Your decision to begin hula hooping or enhance your current hula hoop dance technique is only helping! You are helping your self as well as supporting a local artist and business (that's me!). You select location for your hula hoop class lesson in the St Petersburg area; amazing location suggestions can be provided upon request.l

What sets Breezi apart from other hula hoop instructors?

Breezi has been diving deep into the professional and technical aspect of hula hooping since 2012. From large scale teaching to major performances, Breezi is one of the most well-rounded hula hoop dancers in the USA.

Girl Scouts of America - taught 300 hula hoopers, Purple Circus - coproduced and starred as Prince, The Majestic in Madison - main stage performances 5 years, Infrasound Music Festival - Saturday night main stage hoop performer/ annual popular vendor/ hula hoop dance workshops, Plan B in Madison - specialty performer 3 years, The Movement Sanctuary in St Pete - hip hop hula hoop dance and aerial hoop instructor, Hulaween Suwanee Festival - hip hop hooping workshop, Gnar Hoops - worldwide leading hula hoop distributor and retailer, Madison Circus Space - various hoop dance performances 5 years.

Understanding hula hoop fundamentals as well as technicals offers Breezi the ability to expand on each concept as well as explain hula hoops tricks in many variations, as each person learns differently. This is not a one size fits all hoop dance instruction, which is the common approach. Furthermore, Breezi has a Bachelors from UW Madison as a Developmental Specialist, where she began her career creating and implementing developmental programs for children - these experiences have taught her how to be a dynamic and easy to learn from teacher. 

Breezi can also offer legitimate hula hoop size assistance for all types of hoopers as well as create high quality non toxic custom hoops for every hoop student. Supplying proper non toxic lightweight hula hoops is important, and Breezi can bring every size and standard plastic type to each hoop class or event.

Hula Hooping for All Ages, Children to Adult

Hula hoop dance fitness is perfect for all ages and all skill levels - no previous experience needed to enjoy this unique and fun dance and exercise movement! Children love to hula hoop because it offers a creative approach to learning how to handle a prop object safely. Children as young as four years old can engage in hula hoop flow and hoop on their body - children can rotate the hoop on their tummy and spin the hoop on their hands. Kids are also able to learn fundamental hula hoop tricks and movements, such as weave, hand passes, jump throughs, on body hooping, and the ever-amazing hoop isolation. Furthermore, children gain greater social emotional regulation from hula hooping, increase gross and fine motor skills, as well as strengthen their total body awareness. Hula hooping is a great skill for fun and health! Adults reap huge benefits from hula hooping regardless of preference for dance or fitness - adults using a hula hoop are always gaining more muscle and increasing their hula hooping (prop manipulation) abilities. Hula hoop dance fitness is perfect for playing at the beach, entertaining & spending time with friends, and staying healthy while learning a cool skill that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. 

What can I expect in a hoop class or lesson?

(Private sessions, In-home lessons, classes, workshops)

Beginner Hula Hooper

Beginner hula hoopers learn how to appropriately hula hoop on their tummy with ease and variations. Beginner learning hula hoopers become familiar with necessary vocabulary, hand grips and positions, and the concept of hoop dance flow. On their body, beginners will increase their core and chest strength while beginning to move the hula hoop up and down from their chest to stomach, preparing them for shoulder hooping fundamentals. Cool hoop tricks such as the vortex, halo, and jump throughs will be explored. Off their body, beginner hula hoopers learn how to spin, hinge, hand pass, egg beater, and isolate the hula hoop as cleanly as possible. Key hoop concepts and technical vocabulary words are one of Breezi greatest hoop strengths as a teacher. After one hula hoop dance lesson you will be able to hoop flow through a sequence of dance choreography using fun, fundamental tricks while enjoying a total body workout. Hoop dance lessons are perfect for all ages; children learn how to safely play with a hula hoop and adults benefit greatly by learning hula hoop tricks and how to dance with your hula hoop.

Intermediate Hula Hooper

Intermediate hula hoopers will learn how to safely toss hula hoops, execute various body rolls, as well as explore double hula hooping with full size and mini hoops. Intermediate level hooping consists of learning how to create transitions, enhance your hoop flow, and develop your own hooping style while expanding your hoop trick dictionary. You will surely become a flowing hoop dancer once at an intermediate level. Additional hoop tricks learned are leg hooping fundamentals, body wraps and escalators, foot work, "the other hand" positioning, POV concepts, and exploring all off-body planes. 

Advanced Hula Hooper

Advanced hula hoopers can request tricks they would like to learn and/or have more variations of. Advanced hooping is very sequence and dance focused, increasing your ability to cleanly flow through hula hoop transitions. Advanced hoopers are challenged to "break" their current flow and find an entire new avenue for expression. Challenges and "rules" are created to motivate advanced hoopers to think outside their current box. Tricks are introduced in depth, and content already known is thoroughly cleaned up. New advanced tricks introduced incorporate pinch to breaks, shoulder hooping techniques, one leg hooping, and split time double hooping.

Double Hula Hooping

For beginners to advanced spinners. Learn double hoop tech and flow with regular sized hoops and twin mini hoops. Explore the vast realm of geometry off your body as well as learn how to hoop with two hula hoops on your body. Breezi specializes in teaching double hoop flowers, three beat weave, hip hop double hooping, performance flare tricks and amplified POV. 

Hoop Flow and Dance

One of the greatest requests as a hoop dancer instructor is how to flow through transitions for hula hooping. Flow is when you are fluidly dancing with your hula hoop while transitioning smoothly from one trick to the next. Breezi offers a very large array of techniques and tips for increasing one's hoop flow and deepening the understanding of how to transition without getting stuck in a sequence of repetitive tricks. Breezi is also exceptional at finding ways to make it look like you never drop your hoop (even if you do!) and continuing with your fluid hoop dance.

Hoop Trick Tech

The backbone of hula hooping is hoop tech. Technically, you can't flow without tech. But, arguably, you can tech without flow. Why? Because hoop tech is the understanding of the geometric planes around you and how to engage within those planes amidst doing at least one hoop trick. Hoop tech is also the fundamental understanding of correct hand positioning, cleanly moving your hula hoop through a manipulation, and maintaining proper spacial positioning at all times. Some hoop hobbyist (watch out, many think they are qualified teachers) will say hoop tech is just hoop tricks. No - hoop tech is a rich and vast realm of vocabulary, positioning, geometry and more.

Hula Hoop Fitness

Enjoy cardio and strength training while having fun hula hooping!

Hula hoop fitness can be offered at your home, via online video chat, at the beach in the St Petersburg and Tampa area, at a local resort, and at any proper sized community center. Hula hoop dancce fitness is perfect for all ages, and a fabulous all body workout for men and women. Women love to hula hoop as it's better than going to the gym and you can learn to hula hoop dance in the privacy of your own home with in-home lessons. Easy, fun workouts at home or with your friends, hula hooping is one of the best ways to exercise how you want and get your body in shape through cardio and muscle toning. Schedule an in-home private hoop dance lesson today for St Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa Florida area residents! 

Where to learn hula hoop in your area

You can learn to hula hoop in the comfort of your own home, at a park, or designated location. Learn to hula hoop in the St Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater area by contacting through email to set up your hula hoop dance lesson(s). Adult hula hoop classes and private hooping sessions are available but do fill up fast! Schedule yours today to claim your preferred date and time.


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