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No Experience Necessary to learn hoop dance, I promise.

I remember I was worried that I would learn hula hoop tricks and not know what to do with them - not know how to dance and sequence them together. Though I found this to be quite true, I was not discouraged and rather I set out to fix that problem. I knew what I needed to do to make it fun and accessible for everyone.

Here is how it all began..

I was asked to teach my high school dance team...and I had never danced before or coached. They believed in me and so did I. I have been teaching and professionally training since 2005 and now have a degree in Human Development. These endeavors shaped me into a dynamic, well-rounded, professional hoop dance instructor.

I believe it is absolutely possible to learn anything in 1 hour. I have made certain that my original full body hoop dance content is easy and accessible to all body types and dance levels; Hip Hop Hooping is for everyone whether you want to become a hoop dancer or just get totally fit. I created Hip Hop Hooping as the solution to bring awesome dance moves and cool hula hoop tricks together. Hip Hop Hooping is the fusion of foundational and fundamental movements of Hoop Dance and Hip Hop. You get deep dance roots knowledge amidst amazing hula hoop tricks, and yes, YOU can learn in just 1 session with me, Breezi.

Because I can teach you hoop dance in 60 minutes, I am offering your first personally curated hoop dance lesson at 25% OFF!

Let's have fun, look amazing, and elevate your life!