Who is Hoop Dance for?
It's for you! It is why you are here, because you are ready to start your journey.
I began my journey way later than I wanted to - I never thought I could hula hoop on my waist, let alone hoop dance and flow with tricks! I was 20 years old and very unhappy and very unhealthy. I was never going to workout in a gym or go for a run, it's just not me and my body. I can't say I was looking for the solution, rather it spun into my life one day while working child development. The children were doing basic hoop tricks and I noticed so many profound things as well as had a massive desire to learn! Not only did it look easy, but I noticed they were emotionally regulated, very coordinated, extremely cheerful, and not realizing they were exercising their entire body! YES! We can play our way into wellness and look cool doing it, too!

You do not need prior skill or talent.

I had no prior hoop skills. Remember, I was the child that couldn't even waist hula hoop. I just believed in my self and practiced everyday. No experience is necessary to begin your hoop dance journey. You just have to believe in your self and the power of practice making progress.

I am different from hoop dance instructors.

I take immense pride that I am nothing like other hoop dance instructors I have experienced. I noticed the Dance was lacking in Hoop Dance. I noticed a problem and set out to fix it in 2016. I have created a total body hoop dance that uses the entire body that is accessible to absolute beginners to advanced spinners. I have created a dynamic type of hoop dance that fuses the fundamental and foundational movements of Hip Hop + Hoop Dance. "Hip Hop Hooping" is a full body journey of technical, flow, sequencing, and authentic expression. A solid language and curriculum has been developed to smoothly guides you to greater hooping heights.
You can learn the basics of hoop dance for FREE online in addition to dozens of amazing tutorials. Learn in person with me or online, and get $15 OFF your first 60 minute session.
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  • Hoop Dance Package

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    Access to all hoop dance tutorials for trick flow sequencing
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  • Ultimate Hoop Dancer

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  • Hip Hop Hooping

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"I don't want to look ridiculous trying to learn. This seems too complex and unique."

You will not look ridiculous - no one has ever looked out of control or "not cool" in my classes. I'm not throwing you into something complex, rather, I am taking you on the most thoughtful movement journey combining prop manipulation (hula hoop tricks) with fundamental dance moves (hoop flow) and creating an awesome and truly fun total body dance (Hip Hop Hooping).

"I have never hula hooped before." or "It's been way too long."

Remember, I learned when I was 20! I was THAT child. Believe in your self and any movement is possible!
We learn more than waist hooping, and hula hooping on your waist is just a part of your warm up - classes and lessons incorporate your entire body exploring hoop dance movements that work with you not against you. I am your number one cheerleader, go-to hoop mama, and super professional developmental specialist. I promise I know how to make hula hoop dance and tricks easy and accessible for all ages and body types. You save 25% OFF your first lesson with me to try it all out in the comfort of your home (or at my private training oasis)

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