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Birth of a No Slip Grip Leg Warmer

I am sew excited to begin the patent process for the no slip grip thigh high leg warmer.

↓ Check this yummy video out of the handmade process. ↓

I developed the fitting thigh high leg warmer over 8 years ago thanks to living in Wisconsin.

I walked everywhere. And, the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus is MASSIVE to walk.

Winter is long. Winter is brutal. Wisconsin winter is some of the worst I have experienced in the USA.

I needed help! I needed warmth!


Because, once you get to class you generally want to slip them down for room temp.

(Unless you are me and love to be warm and toasty always. Fleece is very breathable, after all.)

Over the years elastic was added. My Spring, Fall, and Winter life was forever changed.

Then, no slip grip elastic was added when I moved to Florida.

Why? Because, Breezi leg warmers generally stay up when worn over legging material.

In Florida you don't wear layers.

But if you roller skate or do aerial arts, you still want to wear arm sleeve covers and leg warmer cover protectors.

Grip was the perfect addition to leg warmers for movement activities.

Every "slip-down problem" was solved.

Your leg warmers always stay up with no slip grip added.


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