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Why Boundaries Matter

Listen, you NEED boundaries in life, okay?

Why Do Boundaries Matter / What Do They Offer Our Life

Boundaries ensure that people, places, and things that we choose in our life are not going to cause issues for us. All sorts of issues can arise in life when we do not create, let down, or choose to walk over our boundaries. Obviously, boundaries only work if and when we truly implement them. Implementation means they have been communicated and we are actively applying our boundary(s) to life situations. Boundaries are not meant to be used sparingly or only sometimes. You have and hold a boundary because it is very crucial to your happiness and quality of life. When you choose to ignore your own self created boundary, you are choosing to let in things that are going to make you feel uncomfortable or could mess up your life.

Issues can include:

  • emotional turmoil

  • crappy finances

  • Drama

  • constant stress or arguing

  • no work life balance

  • autoimmune illnesses

  • mental health issues

  • emotional regulation

  • nervous system dysregulation

  • waste of time


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