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FOODS for Sleep & Relaxation

These food are neural supportive and research shows will help with better sleep.

Foods for Sleep & Relaxation

Tart Cherries (juice or supplements)

  • Increases the amount of sleep by large percentages 33% to 80%!

  • Available as a capsule but beware of the dosage issues with most companies.

  • Increases day time napping, too. Be mindful of your adenosine and need it for sleep at night.

  • Tart cherries have a small amount of both melatonin and tryptophan, an amino acid used in production of serotonin and melatonin.

  • Small study shows improved sleep time of insomniacs by 84 minutes.

  • “Tart cherries have different enzymes in them, and keep the tryptophan in the body longer,” says Czerwony. “Not only does it get you to sleep sooner, but it keeps you asleep longer.”

I take 3000mg before bed with L-Theanine + 2g Inositol + Goddess Chocolate Milk.

Kiwi (entire fruit + skin)

Only 1 published study: Decrease the speed of time to fall asleep. Stay asleep longer and spend less time awake at night.

  • Animal study: similar phenotype. Mice fell asleep faster and slept longer. Sleep duration increases. Mechanism of GABA can block the benefit of kiwi, meaning that perhaps part of kiwi fruit benefit is mediated by the brain's natural inhibitory brain system.

  • Studies have shown that the stimulation of serotonin levels may in turn increase melatonin levels. The presence of a relatively high concentration of serotonin in kiwifruit may contribute to its apparent ability to improve sleep.

  • After 4 weeks of eating 2 kiwi fruits 1 hour before bed , the subjective CPSQI score, waking time after sleep onset, and sleep onset latency were significantly decreased (42.4%, 28.9%, and 35.4%, respectively). Total sleep time and sleep efficiency were significantly increased (13.4% and 5.41%, respectively).

  • Kiwifruit consumption may improve sleep onset, duration, and efficiency in adults with self-reported sleep disturbances.


  • Researchers discovered that after eating pineapple, your body's melatonin markers could increase by 266 percent. When your body has an increased concentration of melatonin it signals that it's time for sleep.

  • Contains amino acid Tryptophan and mood enhancing hormone Serotonin.

  • Sleep supplements pair pineapple with GABA and 5mg Melatonin

  • ​​Pineapple is a low calorie fruit. It provides vitamins C and B, minerals such as potassium and magnesium, as well as antioxidants, fiber, and light doses of protein. Added to this, it is juicy and has a sweet taste that is pleasant on the palate. It represents a good option to calm hunger at night.

  • Keep in mind your diet and caloric intake. Consider that if you consume 100 extra calories each night, you will have taken in an additional 700 calories per week.


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