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Glamping with Goddess of Jupiter

Comfy cozy glamping morning to night with the ever-lovely Karla (@Goddess_of_Jupiter) showcasing scrumptious no slip grip thigh high leg warmers, convertible 4-in-1 cowl shrug scarf and hood, long and wide headbands that offer elements protection when needed.

This summer welcomed amazing limited edition colors, such as Mint Green Ribbed Knit and Yellow Ribbed Knit - an ultra favorite for summer 2021.

Mint Green is a fun limited edition ribbed knit color and olive green is a must-have favorite.

Dreadbands are an amazing wardrobe addition because they hold your hair together in all the right ways as a wide headband, and can be slipped down when needed if you need a mask or element protection. I love them as they look like amazing elevated fashion when worn draped around your neck, scrunched around your wrist, or wrapped around your hair as a hair tie.

Elastic and No Slip Grip Thigh High Leg Warmers are slightly different from each other.

Grip Leg Warmers have a no slip silicone strip that touches your skin or clothing. Regular Elastic Leg Warmers offer no slip when mindful what material is worn under your thigh highs.

Ribbed Knit Cowl Shrugs have been the #1 popular accessory since 2013. Wear 4 ways!

Unsure of your size or the leg warmers fit? Thats okay! Breezi offers custom size inclusive made to order thigh high leg warmers that will fit any size leg; you can order from the Special Web Page or Contact below in the email bar to get started (and you get 10% off your first order!)

Thank you Goddess of Jupiter for the yummy glamping adventure!


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