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How Do I Stop the Hula Hoop from Falling Down?

How Do I Stop my Hula Hoop from Falling Down? How do I keep my Hula Hoop Up?

Step 1) Stand inside your hula hoop and have it parallel to the ground, holding opposite side of it comfortably.

Step 2) Place hula hoop against the curve or small of your back.

Step 3) To hula hoop it is very important to put one foot in front on the other. Do not spread your legs apart for hula hooping.

Step 4) Push your hula hoop in your desired direction with one hand.

Step 5) Immediately begin core engagement with your hula hoop thrusting your body front and back. To hula hoop, you must thrust forward and back rather than hula side to side.

Step 6) If your hula hoop is falling down, that means you are not maintaining a constant on-body rhythm. To keep your hula hoop up on your body you must maintain a constant rhythm and work your core muscles continually.

A Large Size Hula Hoop is perfect for learning how to hula hoop on your waist and weight hula hoops are dangerous and to not be used. A large size hula hoop with slow down the rotational spin making it easier to learn how to hula hoop.

Learn how to hula hoop on your body for beginners and how to keep it up on your waist with this comprehensive hula hooping video below.


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