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Hula Hoop Dance Saved My Life

My choice to begin to learn how to hula hoop and hoop dance absolutely saved my life.

I made a choice that forever changed [and saved] my life.

When I say "choice" I seriously mean it.

As an adult, I learned how to hula hoop on my waist. I was 22 years old. I am 32 years old as I write this. I could not hula hoop as a kid. I did nit understand the rhythmic engagement.

Maybe I was just lazy in retrospect.

Volunteering at teen center, I was shown the ever-beneficial world of hula hoop dance and tricks.

The at-risk population of low income teens were quite the emotional and social mess, you know?

Well, any and every time they picked up the hoop to Waist Hula Hoop or do Basic Hoop Dance Tricks like the Vortex, they were entirely different people - any time the teens began to hula hoop they were socially and emotionally regulated, balanced, and appropriate.


It looked SO COOL and it blatantly helped the mind, body, and soul!

Below is a Comprehensive Research-based Article I wrote on hoop dance, hula hooping benefits for the mind and body, as well as what the flow state is and how it is helpful to our hoop journey.

Back to my Journey: My first year of hoop dance I cried almost everyday I hula hooped.

I cried at the park. I cried in my shared college living room. I cried in the daytime. I cried in the alley at night.

All while hula hoop dancing.

I did NOT cry when I was learning.

I cried when I was FLOWING.

Okay, maybe go ahead and read that article now ⇧ if you have not, because, the flow state is the ultimate mental space to be to acheive more than you can when consciously aware. The flow-state is also called being in the zone.

I love to learn. And I naturally learn movement very well. Regardless of my enjoyment of leaning, I am making it clear the crying was not because of learning tricks or exploring new movements.


My hoop journey was very different than all the hula hoopers I knew and saw -> I was learning way faster than they were whether it was tricks on or off the body, hoop dancing trick sequencing, or adding more hula hoops and geometry.

I also NEVER watched tutorials and never asked for help.

I just swam in the flow state absorbing incredible amounts of information unconsciously.

Through that period of my life I earned a Bachelors in Human Development. I wanted to become a Developmental Specialist to help people find healthier approaches to their mental and physical realities, in fun and dynamic ways. I want people to become greatly regulated and content inside and out.

Hula Hoop Dance takes the cake for one of the best ways to develop, connect, and grow your mind and body.

Years and years later, I have found my self developing an entire hoop dance language for full body hoop dancing with tricks, flow, and yes fitness.

HIP HOP HOOPING is the ultimate and most fun total body hoop dance and hula hoop exercise routine.

Full.Body.Dancing. with or without a prop is the ultimate physical and mental exploration you can go on each day - it is mighty beneficial to use your entire body and connect both sides of your brain!

I am immensely HAPPY, very HEALTHY, and continually DEVELOPING thanks to hoop dance.

Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic on Flow, Happiness, Health, and Success


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