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Is it Worth it to be a [Hoop] Dance Performer and Entertainer?

Is it worth it to be a hoop dance performer and entertainer?

Well, YES....and, no.

Hula hoop dance performers can make far more money than instructors, if they handle their business just right.

You need to not EVER low ball yourself.

When you accept low compensation pay rate for a gig, performance, and event, or agree to do it for free for exposure, you are directly hurting your business, how your community respects and interacts with performance art, and creating a foundation of low income.

MONEY MINDSET: You Are The Money!

People will pay you exactly what you deserve as a performer.

YOU just have to believe that.

What is fair compensation for a hoop dance performer?

Essentially, you need to be compensated for ALL of your time and gear. This includes:

  • Costume

  • Drive Time + Gas

  • Set up and Breakdown Time

  • Performance Time

Performer Costume Compensation

You need to be creative and frugal with your costumes when you are first starting out as a performer and entertainer for dance, hula hooping, go-go, flow arts, etc.

Blowing your money and "re-investing" into your costumes is only wise if the costumes are your money maker. If not, just show up in full glam and the best costume you can put together on a budget.

Drive Time & Gas

Here is my best method for figuring out how much to charge for drive time and gas compensation when performing and going to gigs. You need to now the following to figure out how much to charge for driving and gas:

  • Miles to Drive in Total (use google maps and add 5 miles)

  • Your Vehicles Gas Mileage

  • Your Hourly Driving Rate ($15 - $20)

  • Gas Cost per Gallon ($3)

You are going to calculate how many Gallons you use and add your Hourly Rate.

Lets do some math:

60 Miles Total and my Vehicle Gas Mileage is 20mpg = 3 Gallons being used.

3 Gallons Used multiplied by $3 per Gallon = $9

This drive will take 1 hour. Add $20 to $9 = $29

Round up and charge $30 for driving to this gig.

Set Up & Breakdown Times

Are you waiting around get paid or to take down your aerial rig? You better be getting paid for this time.

If you are on Location, you are getting paid to be there.

Maybe you are getting free drinks while you wait. You can consider charging a mildly lower rate during your, or example, 30 minute breakdown and wait time.

Performance Time

By now you have learned, the time you are performing and entertain his not the only time you are making money. Your commitment to a gig is compensated from start to absolute finish.

Dance, Fitness, and Aerial Instructor should get paid a minimum of $60 per hour.

High quality and top instructors are compensated $75 - $300 per hour.

Performers should be making around the same amount of money as Instructors.

When starting out as a new performer and entertainer, please do not have seriously high prices.

You may not get many bookings and gigs, and this exposure and free media is pivotal for you when starting out.

New performers should consider charging a minimum of $50 per hour + Drive & Gas.

After growing in experience and talent, you can begin increasing your price to $60 per hour.

After your first year, with a larger Following and far more media photos and videos, you should now be bumping your performance price up tp $75 per hour.

Get out there!

Sometimes merely being out in public doing your amazing skill or craft or dance will get you booked for gigs.

Don't be shy or lazy, and become a familiar face in your community!

How much to charge when performing and entertaining.
Hula Hoop Dance Performer and Instructor Compensation Rate


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