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Lifestyle Success Tool | RF Checklist

Your red flag checklist is a fundamental lifestyle success tool.

Use this tool in ALL areas of your f*ing life.

I believe the red flag checklist is a fundamental tool that can be applied in all areas of life. I love finding tools that we can put right in our front pocket that we can absolutely use for success in anything from relationships, to making more money, to just feeling better about life. Being more satisfied with life.

Personally, I am somebody that really likes to achieve, but I struggle with things such as anxiety, depression, as well as diminished self-worth and I can get really stuck in a fixed mindset. When I use the red flags checklist as well as I really love using the power of 1, too - when those 2 things are combined with my solid B.Print because right we can really mess up our B-print -

They're is literally no room for struggle in life. It's not possible. The way that the framework is structured as well as how we so deeply. Rewire our neural pathways as well as our biology which is our nervous system. We make decisions in completely different ways moving forward.. when we use these rules and this blueprint or if you want to call i this framework.

It's like we're absolutely f*ing unstoppable and you feel so much better even when you're going through struggle, even when there's difficulties.When you meet roadblocks, there's a challenge something or someone is being difficult, you know, how to approach it, how to move through it, and how to take advantage of it. That I think is, what is most impressive, especially about the growth mindset, which is one of the 5 life fundamentals in our life Blueprint.

We literally just take advantage of everything that comes our way. Any challenge, anything, is just a learning lesson. We view everything as a takeaway.

So when we use a red flags checklist, we can also have kind of some fun with this. Because we start seeing the error of our ways, as well, as some silly decisions that we've been making.And, I say have fun with this because yeah, take life seriously, but don't beat yourself down about it.

Again, this is that adaptive growth mindset applied. Sure. We may have fucked up in the past, but We're going to do better moving forward because we're gonna use the word Application in life. We're gonna apply our learning lessons. We're gonna apply the things that we see that we've done. That could be done better.

This is Betterment Programming, Beeb! So, the red flag checklist is something that I came across when I took dating seriously. I turned 30. I was in my young thirties. It was about two years after really working myself through and through what had happened In the abusive relationship that I chose to be in.

Um,Ii had to put a lot of work in, there was a lot of trauma So I took that time off. But, when I was finally ready to date again I really didn't want of course to pick a partner that was actually going to be manipulative or abusive or inappropriate or or an alcoholic or just even immature.

Just not going to be the right person to bear children with because I only have two goals in life. My 2 goals in life are: to help people and to someday have my own family.

So this is very serious to me to find somebody substantial.

Right. Right? So I created a red flag checklist, and it ended up being two pages long, a two-page long googl. Doc. I say google doc because I could access it at any time. Because I was using this always. We don't just make stuff and throw it in our back It's in the front pocket.

We can throw it on the table anytime. Boom. Use it. So I made a two-page long Google Doc red flags checklist of absolutely everything. I was not going to accept and this sounds ridiculous, right? It almost sounds like it could be impossible for me to find somebody and I did feel that way at one point, I looked at it and I was astounded.

I was shocked. I was really unsure that I was going to be able to meet my own needs, because I didn't think this was just a desire. I truly and fundamentally know that those are my needs and I was only going to meet my knees because this is my life, right? So everything on those on that red flag checklist was all the things I was not going to accept because I had to meet my needs for the rest of my life and that's a mistake a lot of us make is because of all that dopamine surging that we get in the first year or 2 of being with somebody.

We miss the mark sometimes with finding that right person because we're so focused on how we feel in the short term that we are not focusing on what we need for the long term.

And what we need for the long-term is somebody substantial that can show up every day in a partnership as a part of the team he or she or they are a team player.

So this red flag checklist is something to be taking really f*ing seriously, babe, because this is your life, this is your one f*ing life and we may have made mistakes in the past. But moving forward, we don't have to anymore. And when we do experience something, moving forward, because we are aligned with our vision because we are using the power of one because we are applying our red flags checklist.

We know that we're on the right path. We know that it's not actually a mistake. It's just a lesson learned It's just something that's going to actually elevate us more because it just wasn't totally right and so now it's gonna scoot us over, it's gonna bump us, it's gonna boop us, it's gonna knock us maybe down a bit but it's gonna position us better and that's because we are applying these fundamental rules of life and it guarantees successful outcomes.

Applying this red flag checklist in any area of life will work. So for business, or for even a job, like if you're a 9-to-5er Write down all the things you are not going to accept. I know this sounds ridiculous. You might feel like you're never gonna find a fucking job because your boundaries are too firm.

Yes, these are your boundaries. This is what a red flag checklist helps us discover, create, and affirm. Our fundamental boundaries. When we honor our boundaries we are so much more satisfied with life. We are so much more content. We are so much more okay with waking up every day and doing the damn thing, But we have to honor our boundaries to get that success and satisfaction in life.

And one way we can do it is by creating a red flag checklist for all sorts of areas, Write down all the things you're not going to accept and honor it. That's what's really important. And it might be difficult at first because you might realize, you have to say goodbye to people, places, or things and that is necessary for change.

Hel,l that is even necessary for addicts to improve in their life! You have to change your environment, you have to change the people, you're around the things you're around. This is also how we move into success within our vision - We create the environment that supports our vision. We create the environment that supports the life we want to live in.

And one way for this to be clear to us is to put it down on a fucking sheet of paper, call it a red flags checklist and honor all those things on it.

You can do this. I've done it. I have failed. I've done it again. I've seen what happens when I don't honor bits and pieces. I've seen what happens when I throw the whole fucking thing away. And I say, well, I just want to feel good right now. Guess what?

I felt terrible for a long time on after These are your fundamental fucking needs, and if they're not met deep down in your core, you're gonna know it. And you're gonna feel it and sooner or later, hopefully your nervous system is going to be so fucking uncomfortable. It's going to shake you to your core.

You've heard that phrase probably before It's going to fucking shake, you to your core. And then and then only then are you going to enact change? But probably your life is going to be so fucked up by. Then It's going to be so much harder to clean up the messes.

The sooner that we apply our boundaries, the sooner that we can see the life that we want and be living it.

Just think about what happens when you don't color in the lines. It looks weird. Life gets weird too. Stay within your line. Stay within your boundaries, Write it all down and use it. Put it on your wall, put it on. If you have a glass shower, put on the outside of the glass shower, so you can look at it every day, record it in your phone and at a certain time every day have it speak to you, maybe you have like a top 5 that you're just like wow this is everything in all parts of life that I am not going to accept.

Like, I'm not gonna accept tardiness, which is a huge f*ing boundary of mine and if my friends are showing up late especially like an hour late, they're literally choosing for me to then be sitting somewhere for an hour. How inconsiderate is that!? That is fucking mind-blowing to me and then they'll say stuff like “oh I run on Cuban time” but they're a white girl from Boston.

Yeah, fucking excuses! Because they prioritized elsewhere. It's inconsiderate. It's unacceptable. It isn’t f*ing happening in my life. At least to me with tardiness - Nothing. Nope, no employees, no. Fucking person showing up on a date. None of it. That's my boundary. It's on my red flag checklist for business, day to day red flag checklist. It's on my friendship red flag checklist.

It’s obviously on my dating red flag checklist. I wish I could put it on my delivery red flag checklist, but there's somethings we can't control, right? So focus on the things you have control of in life. We have a lot of f*ing control and we get more control when we are aligned with our vision and honor our boundaries all the best.

This is a fucking lifestyle and you are joining this movement.

Apply this concept.



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