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Liza Jayne

Liza Jane, or famously known on Instagram as @liza_locs has found herself wrapped up in yummy softness from head to toe as her northern midwest state slowly welcomes in some warmth for a few months.

She told me she had to get her hands (technically, her legs in) on the No Slip Leg Warmers.

I was sew happy to supply her with various thigh high leg warmer designs and fits, as well as a lovely pile of stretchy ribbed knit Dreadbands to hold her beautiful lots together.

As the days pass on, I have enjoyed watching Liza on her IG wear the dread bands morning to night. She throws them on in the morning, for errands, or when she enjoys a cup of coffee and I've noticed it's usually with a pair of sherpa soft leg warmers, too.

Liza has worn her thigh high leg warmers throughout the Spring and Summer in the midwest, and I can imagine she might be needing some more once the temperatures being to drop!

Handmade, Eco Friendly, Zero Waste, and with Free Shipping...always.


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