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Manifestation | How it Really Works

Manifestation is not magic. Manifestation is a real phenomena we can choose to participate in. Through our choice, we apply particular thoughts and behaviors as to manifest the outcome we desire. I urge you to always and only go towards your fundamental needs. As some say and I believe, the Universe provides….when you are aligned.

What is alignment? WTF does it look like when we are not aligned? Why does all of this sound wu-wu!?

Don’t worry. I am only talking about real life science here.

Breezi Lifestyle is embedded within the life changing groundwork that is psychology, neuroscience, and all things behaviors. What you may notice, is that a lot of spiritual concepts are just dressing up science in a prettier way.

Manifestation is bringing into reality the outcomes we strive for. Manifestation happens when we combine strong intentions, which are feelings and beliefs, with action to make a desired outcome real. IN short, whatever we believe we act on and move towards.

Our self beliefs shape our world through our perception and thoughts. What we believe is what we are going to think and feel about everything. Again, this is science.

Most of my life I was living in my past traumas and believed my past made me who I am today.

Though this is fundamentally true, that my past surely did shape me. It does not define me. What happened to me, especially as a child, does not control me as an adult. We can always take back control. How we begin to take back control and never let it go again or generally amplify our already existing control, is by realizing what thoughts and feelings we carry with our Self every day and into every night.

The action of going towards our beliefs in a healthy and beneficial way for a lifetime comes from having a clear Life Vision and being naturally activated to go towards it. It’s really f*ing amazing because it seems like magic. We are organically guaranteed better outcomes when we we-write our beliefs, remove harmful beliefs, and can clearly see where we need to go in our Life Vision.

The law of attraction is scientifically sound and absolutely accessible to humans. You experience the law of attraction when you set intentions and have a vision of any sort. Neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart states “the law of attraction is strongly connected to us aligning all of our brain power. It describes the way that we can create the relationships, situations and material things that come into our lives as a direct consequence of the way we think and the subconscious beliefs that underlie that. We ‘manifest’ them by focusing on them, visualizing them becoming true, and directing our energy towards them through our actions.”

Talking on manifestation is very exciting for me because I get to further show you a few things:

I'm going to show you even more power that you have within, while maintaining a total sense of reality and staying within researched information.

I also get to shine an even brighter light on our ever-important Life Blueprint more popularly known as the B.Print around here. We are not able to manifest without the 5 fundamental components of life. These fundamentals are Life Vision, Self Belief, Adaptive Growth Mindset, Grit, and Goal Setting.

Next week we deep dive into wtf visualization is, the science behind how it actually works for us, the fact we can not lie to our Self, and why we are crippling our self for a lifetime when we do not establish a 100% clear Life Vision. Afterwards, we go back and forth with discussing mental health disorders and various types of addictions, As always, we learn how to leverage our neural chemicals for better days and a totally better life.

Today is totally dedicated to every positive aspect of Manifestation.

We get what we need….once we realize what it is we truly and fundamentally need.

I was never going to get anywhere near my needs if I were to continue making the same low level and instantly satisfying choices in my day to day life. And I certainly was not even capable of creating a better reality for my Self without knowing who I am, what I believe in, and what my actual needs for a lifetime truly are.

My lifelong needs will not be fulfilled if I am staying up until 2am doing instantly pleasurable (and arguably longterm not beneficial) things like clubbing or ripping my bong while watching mindless tv.

Before I, or any person, can get what we need we have to say goodbye to things, people, and places that were no longer working for us. I’m talking about our chosen and created habits people. Habits are indeed created through consistent choices made. A lot of choices come from repetitive thoughts and feelings.

Yes, you may have noticed by now, that each podcast episode is very carefully placed and created to support your life upgrading journey. Last week we talked everything on habits and being in control of our one life. We are our habits. We are what we choose to do and not do, every day.

Before we can even get an inch closer to our needs, we have to start cutting off the useless inches.

As a reminder, I do not call habits and choices bad. I refer to them as they are, and in this regard, if we are eliminating a habit for good reason that means it was useless in our life.

What is amazing about habit elimination, revision, and creation is that instead of us living by cause and effect, now we're beginning to cause and effect in our own life.

You may be wondering, how do I begin the work to create and shape my life as I need it? How do I, essentially, cause and effect for my Self?

It starts with you meeting your Self where you are and getting honest with where you need to go.

An outstanding quote by Dr. Bruce Lipton from his book, the Biology of Belief:

“I was exhilarated by the new realization that I could change the character of my life by changing my beliefs. I was instantly energized because I realized that there was a science-based path that would take me from my job as a perennial “victim” to my new position as “co-creator” of my destiny.”

There are two main parts to the launchpad of manifestation, and they are Life Vision and Self Belief.

To be clear, these 2 aforementioned fundamental life components are a strong starting point, but you are remiss if you choose to not activate and implement the other 3 components to live a wholly supported life aligned with your needs.

Under the umbrella of manifestation, self belief and life vision go hand in hand.

In your general life, it is fundamental to establish your unshakable Self Belief first which then offers great clarity towards your Life Vision.

Our self beliefs not only communicate to our mind and body what we think and feel about our Self, they also tell our internal world what we think and feel about everything in the external world.

Manifestation is always happening in our nervous system, whether we are aware of it or not. Our nervous system is programmed to align our outer world to our inner state of self. We are magnetizing our external circumstances toward us based on our internal beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

Because this is happening whether we realize it or not, it is absolutely important that we have established and affirmed our beliefs about our Self and the world when beginning to implement the work of manifestation. A lot of our beliefs are programmed into our nervous system during childhood. A lot of our initial beliefs were created actually as a response to our caregiver(s) and how our environment made us feel everyday. Even more of our beliefs are created as coping mechanisms throughout our life.

It is crucial to take care of our Self Belief before breaking ground on our Life Vision.

What we tell our Self is what we believe and embody. What we embody and feel, we assign to thoughts and memories.

The more we feel inside of use (effect), the more we focus in on the cause of it. That focus then shapes our behaviors and overall reality.

Furthermore, when we associate emotion with a memory it is far more likely for that memory to be memorable and present in the mind. Why? Because you may want to go towards more things that make you feel that way or you are using that memory to avoid things similar to a painful memory.

Lets shift gears in a more positive direction for a second. All of us have imagined some sort of future outcome. Whether it is a big vision or a smaller goal. Have you experienced the following? You believe in something so much that you really start feeling every part of it. You are excited. You are activated. You want to move toward it and all the things that associate with it and will bring you closer to it. You are living it. You probably can not stop thinking about it and imagining you emerged in it. That’s you creating your own cause and effect. That's you removing the past and putting imagery in your mind that serves you and propels you forward.

Manifestation requires a coherent brain and a coherent heart. There will not be available energy for you to use to trust in your future if your heart's not in it. An open heart and open mind are fundamental to manifesting your needs as well as removing useless outdated thought patterns and memories.

When we think and live in our past, we end up adopting that as not only our reality but as personality traits. Our feelings about our thoughts become our daily mood. Our daily mood is just consistent application of certain mechanisms, and therefore, our mood becomes our personality.

You better believe I have been a crabby and intense person most of my life because I was living in my past traumas. I carry so much aggression, too. I will definitely share more on that in it’s own podcast episode and blog post.

Our daily thoughts and memories become our subconscious program to how we feel because we continue to think the same things.

Transcending Being Fixed in Our Past

So how do we overcome being fixated on our past? How can we transcend unhealthy rumination and thought patterns?

It’s honestly all about strengthening our emotional regulation and creating a clear Life Vision.

It’s kind of funny but also weirdly sad to me that this is the answer, because this was my launch pad into my career in human and child development a decade ago. I taught emotional regulation for a living and had the most epic Life Vision at that time. Even though I knew this was the answer to living a better life, and my awareness shed light on so many other helpful things as well, it still took me many years to get a full handle on my choices, thoughts, and feelings. Even thought I had a rock solid Life Vision, my inability to regulate my emotions resulted in me making low level poor choices.

Per usual, most things are easier said than done.

Becoming more regulated is not impossible though.

We talk every day about being in control and taking back control if you feel like dopamine or other neural chemicals are running your life, because of consistent choices you made over the years. You can always leverage for better outcomes, it just takes effort and application.

What are your first thoughts about life and your Self when you wake up? Do you think or have you noticed a shift in how you feel when these thoughts kick in? Have you ever noticed that when you think something sucks, you tend to not go towards it or similar things like it ever again? Are your thoughts generally self-supporting or crushing?

It is important we stop telling the story of our past and start telling the story of our future.

For what equates to pretty much exactly 30 years of my life, the first 30 years, I was telling my Self a slew of detrimental and negative narratives.

My traumatic childhood left me very broken, confused, and ashamed. I was not totally aware why I harbored extremely intense self-deprecating feelings, but I surely lived by them as an adult.

Trigger warning for the following life story I am about to share. It has taken me a long time to even say a certain word I am about to, but I need to share this story as the effects of this ongoing experience as a 4 year old deeply shaped and tried to shift who I am today:

My mother was always gone. Most of my upbringing I was in and out of my grandparents. My mother moved every 6 months to 2 years, for my entire life. Only recently has she settled down with her third or fourth husband. Sorry mom, lost track. As a 4 year old, I needed her obviously and missed her often. My sisters and I would get so excited when she would come home. I need to add, that for many years, I thought this was a reoccurring nightmare I was having. My twin sister cleared this painful stored memory up for me. Gathered by the front door, we were biologically wired to go towards our mother. She was not wired the same. And I will share in later episodes disturbing things that had happened to her, especially around this time frame of my toddler life, because those things totally changed her emotional and psychological state. When she would come through the door, she would be livid. Enraged. Not only that, but she wasn’t staying, which I now realize was part of her rage. We were getting in her way. She was in her twenties and trying to live a life that did not serve her or her family; she wanted to party and fuck and feel seen through desire seeking behaviors. We would cry and beg her to spend time with us. She would scream at us and call us cunts. Her 3 and four year old daughters were fucking cunts. And then she would leave.

I grew up believing I am very worth abandoning and I was born a cunt. I did not have to do anything other than exist to feel shame under this framework my mother built around us. And yeah, there’s a lot more to my childhood but that is what I am sharing for now in regards to self belief, the narrative we carry, and how it 1000% shapes our internal and eventual world.

When we are not defined by a vision of any sort for the future are left with memories of the past and your brain is a record of the past. It is an artifact of everything we have learned and experienced.

When we wake up in the morning we start thinking about our problems and what we have been through. A majority of us do not think about where we are going and what is going to be accomplished that day, that week, that month and that year. We kind of just hope for the best. Guess what - You do not need a total Life Vision to manifest towards your needs. You do not need a total Life Vision to assist or establish beliefs. Essentially, you just need to know your immediate needs and what needs to happen next. Your total Life Vision comes with greater clarity on your beliefs, needs, and boundaries.

Do you agree with the following? It is almost like we are on autopilot and instantly and automatically reminding ourselves each day as soon as we become conscious of all of our mistakes, painful experiences, and embarrassing moments. My analysis is that we are reminding ourself to safeguard so we don't make that mistake again. It’s biologically wired into us to safety check. Similar to how we can use anxiety to help protect us but oops sometimes it gets out of hand and we can actually train our brain to make anxiety worse, or better. What we are accidentally doing a lot of the time with these thought reminders of ours is squashing our self-belief and creating a deeply fixed mindset. When we don't have a strong self belief or an adaptive growth mindset, we're going to have a really hard time tapping into our grit going forward, which is what helps us consistently go after our needs AKA goals AKA immediate visions.

If you believe your thoughts have something to do with your destiny, then I urge you to examine your morning and evening thoughts.

There's a possibility your past is going to be your future if that is what you are thinking about as well as embodying everyday.

Let me say that again: your past is going to be your future if that is what you are thinking about as well as embodying everyday.

Our memories have emotions associated to them. The moment we start recalling a problem, we start feeling unhappy. Now our body is in the past, because thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings the language of the body. Now we are once again who we were rather than focusing on who we are becoming.

How we think and how we feel creates a state of being, and people reaffirm their identity based on the past typically. It turns out that the redundancy of doing that conditioning only requires an image and an emotion, and most people are unconsciously conditioning their body onto the familiar past into what is known. When we are in the familiar past and in the already known, we are going to crave the predictable future, which is known or familiar as well. The unknown only exists in the present moment and a future you have to choose to see. Great things can happen in the unknown and the unseen. You choose what you shed light on and make exist in your realm.

Unfortunately, we typically become anchored to our past and it takes effort and consistent application of the process for manifesting. Again, some of this anchoring is a maladaptive biological mechanism, in my opinion.

I grew immensely familiar with my old beliefs and past experiences.

They did not work in my actual life. They made me uncomfortable all the time; I was always anxious and dysregulated. And in truth, I felt deeply disturbed, frustrated, sad, and depressed, too. And when I am feeling very low, it is very hard to do the things I need to do in life. What’s more, I became familiar with this state of functioning, Feeling low and uncomfortable was my known.

I would much rather tell my Self AKA lie to my Self, that I am enjoying self care by fucking off on my responsibilities and being stoned all day, or going to drunk brunch with friends when I have things to take care of later that day. When we do not feel good and do not believe there is good in us and/or around us in the world, it is very easy to lean into useless habits like playing video games all the time or not getting a better job regardless how miserable we are at our current.

If we are not being defined by a life vision for the future, then might I posit that there is a part of our brain or body that is more in love with our past.

And this could be because we have become so familiar with the current chemical processes going on inside of us when we think and feel about our past. Never forget about dopamine and how addictions can easily form.

I think for some people including myself, we can become addicted to our thoughts. What I mean by addicted is I have made the mistake over many years to train my mind and body to reward myself when I engage in negative emotions or negative thought patterns. Basically we can reward ourselves by succumbing to negative emotions. We are motivated by our dopamine to go towards the thought action. How this can be is because worry activates areas of the brain that trick us into feeling soothed. So not only are we tricking ourself into feeling ways that are not actually true. But we are also having our dopamine work against us because it is propelling us towards reaching this goal or habit that is negative thinking. Yes, we can create the habit to have negative thought patterns. Visit or revisit the previous podcast on habits to totally understand why the f* we can become addicted and/or choose to form habits around detrimental behaviors.

If you're anything like me with OCD, this can become an extremely dangerous and detrimental facet of your life, especially if rumination is now taking up hours of your day or night.

I hope that you're hearing that having a negative thought pattern is essentially just a bad habit and bad habits can always be broken or revised. Addictions can be overcome. Though our brain can learn to crave the sensation of worry, for example, and be activated towards certain negative thought patterns because of dopamine, if you think about what we talked about in the last podcast about being in control and taking back control, we know that there are many internal and external methods that we can apply to life when we realize revision is needed for better outcomes.

One method is Visualization. Yes, this conversation is sort of circular! As previously discussed - What you see in your vision creates your feelings and thoughts, and what you feel and think creates your behaviors and personality. Your behaviors fall within your beliefs. Our thoughts and feelings come from our beliefs, because our beliefs are a part of what we see.

Next weeks podcast is entirely dedicated to the power behind a Life Vision and why we can not lie to our Self. Today we are focusing on just having a vision towards our needs or a better vision of the next year of our life, which is seeing both our Self in the present moment doing different things and thinking different things, and in the future. Yes, seeing is definitely how we begin to believe. One we believe, we feel it, and this activation is in our nervous system. We become our beliefs. Our reality moves towards what we see, think, and feel.

I entirely go over the process of Visualization as the first method of external habit formation in the previous episode.

If I continue to see my past and my traumatic experiences, I am going to embody those emotions as well as take in those thoughts which create beliefs.

As an adult, if I want better or different feelings and outcomes, then I have to put in the work, apply effort, and redefine what beliefs are aligned with my needs. Our nervous system lets us know if we are aligned with your needs. We can become physically or mentally ill when we maintain distance from our needs, are not aligned with our Life Vision, do not believe in our self or the world, and therefore dysregulated our nervous system. A dysregulated nervous system feels uncomfortable and can lead us to low level and useless habits in an attempt to instantly feel better and offer false relief. It is our duty as adults to use the power of neuroplasticity to get the outcomes we need in life, whether it be people, places, career, feelings, or objects. The power of neuroplasticity rests in our choices. Our choices reside our beliefs. Our vision can help shape our beliefs and guides our life towards our needs.

Not only do our thoughts shape our internal reality, but our thoughts can do various things to our external reality.

One thing you may have noticed, is when you first learn about something new like a car or hear a new song, you suddenly seem to be seeing it everywhere or hearing it play everywhere.

There is a part of the brain called the reticular activating system (RAS), which chooses what information we notice. That’s why you can be in the exact same room as another person, and sense and notice totally different things. One person may hear a high pitched humming, and another may not. One person may notice a stain on the wall, and another doesn’t give it a second glance. One person may notice an amazing opportunity for growth while the other sees it as arduous and pointless.

This is a part of how our brain’s function so that we perceive what our nervous system has deemed the most important information. AKA what we have deemed important through what we choose to see and believe. And, this works on a subtle level as well.

For example, someone who believes that “everyone’s a critic” will notice circumstances and situations that affirm that belief. This individual will be hypersensitive to all of the evidence that proves that belief to be correct.

An epically perfect example is women saying “I am not pretty enough.” An human with this belief will look in the mirror and instantly see all of the evidence that they are not pretty. They will pick up on all of their perceived flaws (zits, cellulite, body hair, curves, or whatever their brain deems as “not (conventionally speaking) pretty”).

We do this with everything people. We are our thoughts, and our thoughts create habits. Therefore, we are our habits. We are what e do everyday and if what we are doing everyday doesn’t actually feel good to us, then we are slowly and possibly unconsciously spiraling closer and closer to lifelong misery.

The main point to be aware of here is that the brain is seeking out evidence to prove our chosen belief system is correct. Obviously, negative and self deprecating beliefs are not in actual reality, as I’m sure you have seen in close friends or relatives who have the belief “I am not pretty enough,” yet are radiant. How annoying, haha. Certainly we can help people realize they may have beliefs that are harmful, just be careful to not subject your beliefs onto others in controlling ways. We all have our own life and very different needs.

We are all wired different.

When we operate from the standpoint of believing in what it is that we are manifesting as if it were already true, our brain seeks out evidence that proves our belief is correct. Our brain naturally brings us toward what we believe, which is why it is vital we align our unconscious belief system with our conscious Self. In other words, this is why it is crucial to focus on where you want to go and not where life has already taken you.

A few ways we can change our belief system and reprogram our unconscious mind are seriously through:

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Counseling & Life coaching

  • Journaling

  • Drawing and other Creative Processes; high intensity hoop dance immensely opened my mind and heart to what I am truly capable of.

  • Upgrading habits and daily routines

Once you’ve honed in on your deeper and fundamental needs, the next step is to align your actions with your new belief. For example, if you deeper need is trust in relationships or the job you have always imagined working, begin acting in a way that is trusting, abundant., and/or progressive. Once you align your actions with your intention, circumstances and situations of the same frequency or within the same vision begin to naturally magnetize toward you. This is magnet magic. This is your mind and body only doing things that feel aligned with your beliefs and vision. Science.

What we see we believe. What we believe, we feel. What we feel, we go towards or away from.

The body believes it is living in a particular moment because we are living through it in our mind.

What we think, we go towards.

We can manifest whatever we need by redefining our beliefs, getting clear on our vision, and recognizing what habits, behaviors, and thought patterns no longer serve us. When we recognize what is not working, we put as much effort as we possibly can to not ever put energy and thought towards useless things again.

You can manifest your needs.

You can also manifest a life that is absolutely awful.

We are manifesting every day.

Manifestation is just the practice of combining the power of an unshakable self belief + clear life vision + ability to regulate and control our choices.

What do you want out of life?

Do you feel like your daily choices are going towards it or keeping you way from what you need to feel good everyday?

When you wake up, are you ready to create your ultimate life or are you on autopilot just doing the dang thing called life.

It is always up to us! We always have control, even if it seems we have lost it. It never slips away from our grasp.

If you want to learn even more, check out the other life enhancing blog posts where you can also find recommended products and supporting links in each blog post. You can also enjoy 2 free lifestyle success courses as well as other options to upgrade your life.

All the best today beebs!




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