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No Slip Grip Thigh High Leg Warmers

Always stick with you, near gonna leave you.

This original design came to be thanks to the real need for my thigh high leg warmers to actually stay up on my leg!

Living in winter-heavy Wisconsin for 30 years and walking (trekking) everywhere, especially throughout the massive college campus that is UW Madison for 6 years, I needed my warmth to stay with me all day to night!

First, I created the fleece leg warmer. The absolutely luscious, amazing, and innovative stretch fleece leg warmers. Oh, and I created those super popular fleece panties that were all over the internet like 8 years ago.

After the fleece leg warmers stuck around for a couple years, I realized the fleece fibers did not hold on certain fibers - the leg warmer just could not stay as-is. Naturally, fleece is a bit slippery especially on nylon leggings.

Elastic Leg Warmers were born, and instantly became my favorite go-to to wear indoor and outdoor. The elastic is and has to be tight on your leg. Yes, it may "squish" it a bit. Think about it - if the elastic is not tight, then it's just resting perfectly around your leg, which is not creating a hold. The elastic has to be tight around your leg or it will not be functional.

After moving to Florida, I began instructing aerial hoop dance. The Lyra hoop requires you to cover up to protect your skin. It is HOT here, but I needed to be able to wear the thigh high leg warmers to protect my self on the lyra, and many aerialists wanted to wear leg warmers, too. The ribbed knit and cottons are perfect for aerial dance. I combined forces with no slip specialty elastic and my amazing leg warmers.

Alas, the No Slip Grip leg warmer was born.

Let's Talk About YOUR Responsibility as a Consumer

Women know women, discontinue supporting white or Chinese men selling you mass manufactured low quality clothing.




Please start making purchasing decisions that support the world you want to exist, and not a manufactured commercial world!

I'm going to say it, its a fucking shame women are doing to this their very own.

I have Chinese companies, men, stealing my designs and having them pumped out at low quality and cost overseas. AND THEN YOU go sand buy that low quality shit at a higher price than my eco friendly handmade zero waste designs I originally created!

Holy fuck we need to stop this mess we created.

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