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Overcoming Body Image Issues

When we learn where our negative thoughts have come from, we can empower our self to overcome that thought connection and begin to transcend thought patterns the no longer serve us. We are re-wiring our neurological pathways for more beneficial connections.

Know Where Negative Body Image Issues Come From

"If I could just lose ten pounds, I'd be happier with my life."

⇧ This super scary yet super true statement comes from ill-intended and blatantly untrue beliefs perpetuated by a damaged society thanks to consumerism.

Throughout the most recent generations notably, women have been quite very much brain washed (yes, it's how psychology works....and marketing is Applied Psychology).

Women have been made to believe we MUST look and be a certain way to be accepted!

If we do not meet these made-up standards, then we are worthless, unattractive, unlovable, etc.

We MUST buy certain things to make our self a certain way to be most accepted. To be most loved.

Even if we are smart, even if we can consciously recognize the psychological mechanism working around us, we can still be affected. It can still damage our head and heart.

Our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, boyfriends and girlfriends, friends all spread these ill-intended beliefs amongst each other and onto you. We do and do not know any better - psychology is strong and the desire to be accepted is most strong for humans. Herd mentality is show we survive.

14 Ways to OVERCOME Body Image Issues

Small and simple steps to overcoming negative self talk and body image issues; how to create more self body positivity.

  1. Practice positive self-talk. Catch your negative self talk and switch the script! Re-write your thoughts until you truly like them.

  2. Be unafraid to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is the birth place of great change. Open up about how you are feeling, connect and share. Every body has things going on that they'd like to talk about. Be the first to show that strength through communication.

  3. Take yourself outside. Don't hide your beautiful self! No shame in being YOU.

  4. Be more mindful of how you treat your body. What we say, how we carry our self, what we wear, what we choose to eat all creates our body-image story.

  5. Curb comparing. Every body is totally different AND every body has things they do not like about them self. When we compare, we almost always lose. Jut cut that confusing low balling out of your life already.

  6. Reward your body. Treat your self to self love and care. Balance and moderation are key for everything. Meet goals and then enjoy rewards, for example.

  7. Shift your focus to 'doing'. We get caught up in our thoughts and honor our brain muscle too much sometimes. Be progressive about being body positive. Know your worth and move forward with what makes you happy. Do not let your negative body image thoughts hold you back in life. Your brain is in your head, it does not control the entire world.

  8. Get clothes-confident. Okay, some clothes are just REVEALING. We aren't going to ask about scant clothes here, just because that's one heck of a topic in and of itself. But, in general, wear what you want! Your body is never going to be like any body else and you should hav pride in your unique shapes and curves; we are merely creatures on earth.

  9. Try something new. Sometimes when we hold onto outdated and negative thought processes we also are holding onto a version of our self that is not serving us. Break away from who you usually are and challenge your self to expand and grow. Humans always benefit from trying something new. Just be safe and have fun!

  10. Care for your hands and body. Body oils, scrubs, tinctures, rollers, creams, butters, etc! Get it all over your body and treat your self like the queen you are! Love on your self, always. Take time each day for self care and to love up on your self how you like best.

  11. Recognize That Nobody's Perfect. No one is 100% flawless. Oh my gosh we are all struggle bussing, just some of us make it look way too good, haha.

  12. Appreciate Your Own Beauty. Take note of everything you like about yourself. Write down all your glorious traits and attributes and unique bits. And then say BYE to all the thoughts that make you feel less-than.

  13. Don't Rely on Others for Confidence Boosts. Seriously, why would you? You should value your self the most, not other's brain thought. It's weird how much humans care about what others human thinks...even though we typically do not know what they are truly thinking. The infected society of assumptions, ay.

  14. Avoid Being Preoccupied by Social Media. If you like being distracted or entertained by it, then consider avoiding certain content, as well as understating how content can affect you.


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