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Time Management Success

Every week Breezi reaches out on her personal Instagram asking you to submit a topic you would love greater motivation, ideas, positive thoughts, or help with.

This week Nicole asked for help with Time Management.


  1. Set goals correctly. Set goals that are achievable and measurable / Prioritize wisely. Prioritize tasks based on importance and urgency.

  2. Set a time limit to complete a task / Take a break between tasks. Set Alarms and Timers.

  3. Organize yourself.

  4. Remove non-essential tasks/activities.

  5. Plan ahead. Have a calendar or Planner.

1. Set Goals, Prioritize, and Time Limits

When we set a goal we are telling our mind and body the direction it's actions are going towards. Goal setting allows us to have a more clear idea of what we should and should not be spending out time on. "Does this pertain or help reach my goal?"

Each day, write down your Main Goal and your Secondary Goal.

Accomplish your main goal first with full intention and gusto. Your secondary you start chipping away at as much as you can on the same day after competing your main.

2. Time Limits

Humans lose their focus after a certain amoutnof time- we are all different. Get to know your self and start recognizing when you begin distracting yourself, losing focus, or starting jump around on tasks. For example, work full enerygy for 30 minutes and then take a stretch break in the sunshine for 5 minutes. Your work every vitality will shoot right back up!

Setting Timer and Alarms on my phone have chained my life. I would not be successful without Past Breezi making sure Future Breezi knows what's coming up.

3. Organize Your Self

Being organized means you know where everything nis, and those things are accessible and ready to be sed. Organized does not mean the 5 piles on your floor that you "basically know whats' in each one." PUH LEASE. We know you're wasting time digging ;)

Have fun with how You organize! It's your life, your organization!

4. Bye to Non Essential

Don't waste your time on things that are not goal oriented. It's quite easy.

Do what you NEED to do rather than what you WANT to do.

Yes, its okay to cry.

5. Be a Planner

Planning ahead is the best way to manage your time and stay on ahead of your own life. Personally, I have a massive annual calendar I use for my social media, I have a large monthly calendar I use for work, and I have a weekly wipe calendar on my fridge I use for personal stuff. And, I use my phone alarm to remind me of most of these scheduled things.


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