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Had a Fabulous Struggle Today

"Had a fab strugg today Beeb!" All aboard the struggle bus to greatness city, beep beep heyyyyy. Did you know!? Thriving throughout life generally means a #growthmindset was applied. Yeah, your brain muscle can either serve you or drag you down. 💪🧠 And, it's your F*ING choice! ✊

Your Brain Does Best with a Clear B.Print.

Our brain is a mighty muscle that will not (generally) disappoint if supported with proper habits, perception, and vision. It just needs to know What it's functioning for.

Your B.Print is your clearly defined vision for your life.

B.Print includes finances, career, relationships of all sorts, health, and overall outlook.


Your B.Print is what you are living for and how you are living each day for it.

Live your vision, believe in it totally, see it always, and act on it only.

We talk later on what happens when we do not f*ing put 100% into our B.Print.

If you thought frustrating life shit storm never reaching your are correct.

Anyways, we accomplish vision success by forever committing to thoughtful short and longterm goals that are wholly aligned with our B.Print. Some goals may be quick and easy throughout your life, such as filling out paperwork. While others taking years of arduous work to inch just a bit closer, such as developing a quality new skill or talent.

Yes, these short and longterm goals are totally aligned with your envisioned B.Print and you do not create goals outside of your vision if you desire fulfillment and success.

Shit Experiences Bring Greatness, just saying

My belief that, in fact, challenges bring greatness came from my multitude of [shit] experiences and truly seeing/learning that they bring more into my life. For example, with a Growth Mindset you might be able to appreciate some of those outlandish decisions you made in your just might with the right perception and evaluation. This is why I spoke online for the past decade that challenges are just blessings, really. What I'm trying to say is that challenges direct us to a more fine-tuned approach to our vision as well as empower us along our envisioned life journey. You just need to see your B.Print and never lose sight.

Challenges offer us valuable lessons, lessons where we can learn a new skill or better strengthen a response or habit. In a Growth Mindset, lessons are chosen to be felt as beneficial emotions which further teaches the body to welcome challenges. When perception is changed about something, then emotion can be changed about it. What we see we believe and ultimately feel.

In a Fixed Mindset humans believe they are born as-is. There is nothing that can be done to change or improve or redirect.

In a Growth Mindset humans believe and know that through trying and learning, anything can be accomplished over time with consistently, perseverance, self belief, and effort.

Having a Growth Mindset is clutch, got it?

‘I already know all I need to know’ vs ‘I know that there is more than I can learn’

Listen, Albert F*ing Einstein never thought he was smarter than other people. He did not believe he was born a genius. Nope, rather, he believed and knew that he just stuck to stuff longer than most other people. His success relied on his continual forward motion to learn. YEAH, he basically looked at others and was like "ha, shouldn't give up just yet!"

Seriously, when we struggle with effort and difficulty that is when we are getting smarter. During struggle our brain is learning how to re-wire to best approach and work through it.

We Can B More than Who We Were Yesterday

Struggle shouldn't B "bad" but in America we no longer revere it. When we revere our struggles, it means that we value our life journey and all that comes with it.

In a Fixed Mindset struggle is usually the end of the road.

In a Growth mindset struggle is just showing us a better approach to continue to move forward. You can actually B thankful for struggle. Without it, it means we are not achieving, progressing, growing, experiencing.

There is no f*ing way you are going to achieve your envisioned life B.Print without challenges along the way, throughout your entire long and amazing life.

Try this: "I had a fabulous struggle today!"

Growth mindset appreciates all that occurs in life, knowing that each experience no matter how "good or bad" are all for the absolute best in the biggest picture - your life.

In a growth mindset, problems are to be solved and moved forward on. Problems do not create blame on your self or others, problems do not stop and deflate permanently, and problems definitely do f*ing not make you believe you can not or are not or will be not.

You are all that you believe you are.

You are your envisioned B.Print.

If you see yourself as a failure, then you will fail.

If you see yourself as successful, then you are successful.

It is more than manifesting magic. It's about living your 100% authentic truth.

Living your authentic B.Print will organically create your desired reality.

Get F*ing Clear

No mountain too f*ing tall when you can see it all very clearly.

You need to B clear on what you want from life if seeking fulfillment and satisfaction, whether in finances, health, or relationships. You need total clarity on who you want to B.

Clarity means having an unfettered view of our envisioned life B.Print.

When we are 100% clear and certain and true to our envisioned B.Print we know for certain we are going in the right direction and doing the proper successful things.


Because when you are 100 on your shiz you only say Yes to the right things and you say No to alllllll the not right things.

But what happens if we are 98% true and clear to our B.Print? Is 99% enough!?


100% or gtfo.

You will not ever welcome success into your life if you do not have a clear envisioned B.Print.


Because that 1% or 2% that is not committed to your vision will weigh you down like it is 1000 pounds.

You will struggle to ever live your vision if always distracted and committing to others things. Even if it is “just a little.” PUH-LEASE spare the excuses or made-up reasons. If you are not doing what is within your B.Print then you are actively choosing a life of less success. Period. Stay focused beeb.

The mental and physical tug of war from saying Yes to other things and doing other things outside your B.Print is the last thing you need on your success journey.

Say NO to all the things that are not a Yes to your B.Print.

You can avoid countless self-created issues by staying totally F*ing committed and focused to your B.Print.

Want to say F U to your Fixed Mindset? Not totally sure your next step into a greater Growth Mindset? Want to see MORE for you life and have a clearly defined B.Print?

It's a lifestyle. Join the movement today. All the best today beebs! YOU F*ING GOT THIS - Breezi


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