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The Birth of Hip Hop Hooping

If you take Fundamentals from 2 movement arts [Hip Hop] and [Hoop Dance] you get a 'name baby', and mine is Hip Hop Hooping.

I am so proud of my baby.

My baby develops and grows every year.

I get it, some of you don't "like" that its called Hip Hop Hooping. Honestly, I want to call it Total Body Hoop Dance. I'd get shit for that, too.

I also want something catchy, and original. And this is the only name that has been on my mind for 5 years now.

Stop telling me what it is NOT and start telling me what you think it IS.

Support movement arts or later hater.

Clicking Unfollow is much easier than button smashing away creating useless words of hurt.

Fusion Dance - Fusing Hip Hip with Hoop Dance

In the beginning, and even sometimes now, I wonder if I am doing it "right."

I worry so much. I already have quite the immense amount of anxiety.

But, just because I am worried and afraid, it does not mean I should shy away from being my authentic self.

Worries I have had while developing Hip Hop Hooping:

“Should I be using other fundamentals and/or grooves or tricks?

"Am I focusing on the wrong body parts?"

"Should I pop n lock more or less!?”

Fusion dance in unavoidable.

Globalization has also accelerated the creation of hybrid dance forms that fuse elements from various cultures.

What is globalization of dance?

Examples of globalization are when dance companies go on tour, students go abroad or travel, and when dance videos are shared and seen all over the worldwide internet.

Being exposed and inspired by many dance forms is unavoidable in this day and age.

There is no point to try and contain each human in an uncreative box.

Most of us do not come from one culture nowadays, anyway. What are all of us mutts to do if we follow some bizarre social rule that is we must only represent what is within our personal culture?

My immediate cultural / ethnic backgrounds?

African American, Italian, Polish. ...listen, I am not going to polka and hoop.

Hula Hooper Hip Hop Fusion
Hip Hop Hula Hooping Breezi

Things People on Social Media Have Said about Hip Hop Hooping

I am just wiggling my legs.

This one is hilarious. I am actually utilizing an advanced dance rule I created called Knee follows wrist rule. Like, its so hard. And, its major leg workout always.

I apply pop n' lock technique usually to this dance technique rule of basic hip hop and isolating hoop dance tricks.

Check out hip hop hooping tricks, rules, and dance flows HERE.

I am stealing a long standing dance art form and culture that is hip hop.

(what about hoop dance?)

Dance fusion is creative application not appropriation.

I am gentrifying hip hop.

To gentrify hip hop would mean I am taking it away from its values as well as not understanding its struggle. As a morally responsible person I find hip hop's values and true intentions to be a compass on how to live my life.

Hip hops core values are social justice, peace, respect, self-worth, community, and having fun.

Um, have you seen what I write about in this blog and on my social media accounts?

People are worried about me fusing two dance forms!? Let's ask ourselves: Is leaving a negative comment to hurt someones feelings ever okay??

I am not hoop dancing. I am not dancing, actually. There is not any hip hop to be seen.

Listen, you are drunk, go home.

My dance fusion art is cringe.

People become uncomfortable by authentic expression.

You can read so much about that in the Authenticity Blog Post.

I have not taken the time and effort to understand the culture.

Interesting, how would someone following me suddenly know so much about me? It is amazing how people make heavy accusation without asking one question. Personally, I love being educated as well as learning about others.

How do we know the level of hip hop education each individual holds? And, when we speak of hip hop, are we speaking of the culture or the dance form? When haters lash out on me the aforementioned is typically unclear - what is clear is their negative intention.

"Because hip hop has become more about sex, drugs, and violence than political commentary and social change in response to commercialization, systemic stereotypes that white people might hold of the African American community are reinforced." [1] This couldn't be more true on social media nowadays and how we may be Liking inappropriate content and accounts. Remember, we can always #dobetter and blaze a better pathway than what we have been shown. To clarify, this is not about not following hip hop, this is about following hip hop that is well-intended and respected.

I am not respecting hip hop culture.

This could not be farther from the truth.

Not only do I respect it, research it all the time and live by it's values, but I also FEEL it and arguably need it in my life.

"The repetitive, predictable nature of hip hop beats is also said to provide a sense of safety, particularly during song writing, and lyrical and musical improvisation. Therapists suggest this provides a sense of dependability for those with little regularity or safety in their everyday lives; something supported by research linking music engagement and self-regulation.

In his US-based research, Dr Travis has shown that, despite negative associations, many who listen to hip hop find it a strong source of both self and community empowerment. More specifically, the benefits to individual mental health, in areas of coping, emotions, identity and personal growth, can help promote resilience in communities.[2]

Popular Hula Hoop Dancer Instructor Performer
Popular Hula Hooper Dancer

Hip Hop's Values [do you ☑ out?]

If you know me, or have been following me for a while @lil__miss__B then you absolutely know that I am a massive advocate that we all can #dobetter in every facet of life. It begins with being out authentic self and being consciously aware of our actions.

Check this out:

Lauren Carter of Rap Rehab argues that the purpose of hip hop has been skewed and twisted from its original intent by corporate control of the industry: “our ‘values’ have shifted from life-affirming qualities to a death program of promiscuity, anti-love, drug use, drug dealing, materialism, violence and criminality, and people who claim to love hip hop promote these ‘values’ every day.”

Do you feel?

Okay, now check and see what accounts you follow and Like smash on.

Do these accounts or humans or companies show and value:

social justice





having fun

Social media and psychology is weird, isn't it?

It's not your fault, its large commercial companies falls for tricking you into liking them.

Learn loads about that deep-set psychology HERE.

Combining Fundamental Movement from Two Dance Forms

I've worked so hard, and for so many years, to develop this fusion dance with vocabulary and dance movement rules.

Hip Hop Hooping is a fusion dance.

When people try and say one can not combine or cross or slur together multiple dance forms, you are not honoring or respecting the longevity of dance culture and you are limiting creativity for eternity. That is not the point - dance is creative expression and fuled by the music, rhythm, and feelings.

Hip Hop Hula Hoop Dancing
Breezi Hip Hop Hooping

Hip Hop Hooping is a Total Body Workout.

I LOVE how my legs, shoulders, arms, wrists, both hemispheres of my brain, and feet are always engaged at the same time.

And, I can add in more body parts such as my neck and head and facial expressions and chest to really express how I am feeling as well as engage my entire body system.

Hip Hop Hooping totally activates your body.

The name does not exist to hurt any person - it exists to explain a dance fusion as well as total body dance form. Hip Hop Hooping is not joke.. I take dance, hip hop, authentic expression, clean and interesting hoop tricks, and unique flow movement development seriously.

How is it possible for any person, including people that have never hula hoop danced before, to be able to hip hop hoop after one session with me?

Easy, the Knee Follows Wrist rule I mentioned earlier.

It serves two purposes: to offer continual expansion of two fused dance forms as well as offers simple deconstruction of body engagement and movement. It's awesome, and I make it absolutely easy to learn. This Hip Hop Hooping dance technique rule is paramount to your dance journey with or whiteout a hula hoop. I have shown so many people this rule and all I can say with certainty that every single person's mind has been blown and they exclaim with glee.

Testimonials of people that have never even hula hoop danced before have said this about Total Body Hoop Dance and Hip Hop Hooping:

"You make it look so complicated and complex, but its really a simple way to move your body!"

"I am so happy I decided to learn some Hip Hop Hooping basics! I feel like I can use the dance rules without a hula hoop, too!"

"Okay, so, I wasn't expecting that! Teach me more that was too easy!"

Total Body Hula Hoop Dance Fitness Exercise
Total Body Hoop Dance


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