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You Are Already Qualified | Get Hired

Become an Instructor, Performer, Teacher today!

Who we are is everything to an employer or studio. If we can prove it in person or on paper, we are gold.

You do NOT need an array of certifications to qualify you as a legitimate and professional dance or fitness instructor.

You can get your dream bookings and jobs based on what you offer today in your field.

Do not wait to feel qualified.

Do not let Imposter Syndrome slow you down or take you down all together.


You are ready to make money off of your worth.

Write this down 15 times, yes 15:

“I am worth all the money. I am the money.”

Personally, I went ahead and blew this up on massive sheets of paper and it’s now a bedroom banner.

Now that we have affirmed our self-belief that we are a qualified and deserving instructor, we can begin the back end work of launching our business to the public!

Start Your Business Today and Get Hired / Booked / Clients / Product Sold in 30 Days!

I am currently offering you this amazing life caging course for half the price!


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